How to destroy O’ Neils’ Meth Lab in GTA V?

A complete step-by-step guide to finish the mission “Destroy O’ Neils’ Meth Lab” in GTA V. 

How to destroy O' Neils' Meth Lab in GTA V

How to destroy O’ Neils’ Meth Lab in GTA V?

Mission: Crystal Maze. In this mission, you have to destroy O Neils’ Meth Lab. The lab is guarded by the enemies, inside as well as outside. You can take down the outside enemies from a distance with the sniper rifle. After eliminating the enemies outside, head inside the farm house; the O Neils’ Meth Lab is in the basement. Once you get inside the farm house, the enemies will start striking you; make sure to have a shotgun or AR gun equipped and then start taking them down. Using Trevor’s unique ability to wipe the gang out would be best. Defeat all of them. After this, head to the basement. If you are having trouble finding the basement, take a look at the pictures below. 

How to reach the basement in O Neiils’ Meth Lab House?

Open the map and head to the location marked in the below picture.

In-game(small map and hint to the room that leads to the basement):

There will be a guy in the basement/cellar. You can easily take him down. Pick up the Jerry Can in the basement. 

O Neil's Meth Lab Jerry Can

Start pouring down, and don’t leave any trail. After finishing to the last, equip a gun and shoot at the end of the trail to ignite the fire.

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