We Are Illuminati, Idle Clicker Game Guide, Tips

 we are illuminati game guide tips cheatsDescription – We Are Illuminati Conspiracy Simulator Clicker by Tapps Games is an addictive Idle clicker game in which the goal is to dominate the world. Check out We Are Illuminati guide, tips

We Are Illuminati – Conspiracy Simulator is an idle clicker game. Like other idle clicker games, In this game too,  you have to take care of upgrading, unlocking new resources and automating the whole work.

Basic – We Are Illuminati, Idle Clicker Game

 we are illuminati game guide tips cheatsIn this game, the player has one goal of to rule over the world. You influence as many people as you can through any means. You have to dominate two other planets too. Work hard and complete the goal. As mentioned above, this game is similar to other idle clicker games, but the goal is different. You just have to unlock locked things, upgrade your resources to get more result in less time and hire managers to automate your work. That’s it.

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How to automate your work in We Are Illuminati Game?

 we are illuminati game guide tips cheatsIn the beginning, you manually earn points by taping and taping over and over again. Is it annoying? Yes! So, automate your work by hiring managers for each task. For instance; To control the largest companies, hire billionaire Tom, to automatize media, hire Thumper Honson, to automize Reptilians, hire Draco…. and so on. These managers automate the work for you. Automizing helps you to generate passive points. However, you need to upgrade manually.

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Upgrade resources

 we are illuminati game guide tips cheatsUpgrade your resources to get more points in less time. Without the upgrade, you can not progress fast. Try to upgrade those resources which give you points in bulk. Upgrading resources is an investment. You get returns in few moments if you do this investment.

Unlock locked things

To influence more people, you need to unlock all locked things. Upgrade them to their maximum level to dominate the world.

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 we are illuminati game guide tips cheatsThe goal is to influence more people. Lackeys help you in influencing more people. You can get lackeys by resetting your progress. It will reset your all progress(upgrades) but you will get more people next time.

We Are Illuminati Tips

  • Unlock managers to automate production
  • Upgrade your resources to increase quantity
  • Use Ads feature to double your production
  • Ge lackeys
  • Check wiretaps

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Closing words on We Are Illuminate – Conspiracy Simulator Clicker game

It is a simple Idle clicker game and you can complete it in one day. Download We Are Illuminate – Conspiracy Simulator Clicker – Here[Google Play Store].

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