How To Install XAPK Files Or Games On Android

Description – Don’t know how to convert XAPK to APK or how to install XAPK games files on Android or how to extract XAPK files on Android? Here’s a guide that helps you to install XAPK files on Android without any XAPK installer or using PC

All of you know about the country restriction problem on Google Play Store. Some Android developers publish their games only for a few countries. That’s why we download the APK files from internet. But if the game is big, then it will be in the XAPK format. You need to extract this file to install the game. Today I am sharing this guide that helps you to extract the XAPK files on Android device.

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What is a XAPK file?

XAPK files contain: –

  • OBB file
  • APK File
  • Game Icon

Obb file contains game’s assets, encrypted data like media and graphics. APK file is the installation package. Some Android games download this Obb file to your Android device after installing the APK, while some come with the pre-downloaded package. After downloading XAPK file, you need to extract it. After extracting, you will get the OBB file and an APK file. You have to copy the OBB file to your main storage and then install the APK.

Here are the steps that you have to follow: –

Step 1.) Head to your XAPK file that you have downloaded from the internet.

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Step 2.) Now you have to change the format of the XAPK file to ZIP. Long press on the XAPK file. Choose rename option. Rename the .xapk to .zip. For example, game name is mazeescape.xapk. Change it to 

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Step 3.) Create a new folder for the game. This step is added to make the process much simpler. You can skip it if you want. 

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Step 4.) Go to Google Play Store. Search and install a new Android app “RAR”. Open the RAR app to move to next step. 

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Step 5.) Go to the destination where there is a file. Tap on the menu to go to SD card. Head to the ZIP file(That you have created from.xapk). Check the box next to it and tap on extract button.

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Step 5.) On the next screen, tap on the browse button and select the game folder that you created in step number 3. Check the box next to “keep broken files” option. Tap on ok to start extracting. 

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Step 6.) Now, wait for a few seconds. Extracting is in progress. 

Step 7.) Once extracted, go to the extraction folder that you created for the game. You will see the APK file and the folder named “Android”. 

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Step 8.) Open the Android folder. The android folder has two subfolders; obb and com.gamename. Copy the com.gamename folder. 

Step 9.) Paste the copied folder to the main memory of your device(Internal memory). Internal storage -> Android ->OBB -> Paste it. 

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Step 10.) Head to the game folder again. Tap on the APK file and install it. 

That’s it. Open the game and have fun. I have installed Maze Escape game which is not available in my country yet. I’m enjoying the game. 

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You may have some questions which need to be answered; –

  • The game is not loading – If you have done all steps and your game is not loading, then you need to do all steps again. Make sure you have pasted the obb folder(com.gamename) on right destination.

If you have a PC, then you can use WinRAR software to extract .xapk files. If you are downloading XAPK files from the internet, then make sure the site has good past. Don’t install crack and mod apps because these apps can harm your device and easily steal the information.

Is there any other method of installing XAPK games on Android?

Yes, you can use Pure APK installer app or APK Pure app. But for me these apps does not work, that’s why I recommend you to use RAR app and follow the above steps. You can get the RAR app here[Google Play Store]. Message Us – Here[Facebook]. Tweet to @techhuntr for more queries.

How To Fix “XAPK File Validation Failed” Error?

If you are running Android version 6.0 or above then you might get this error. To fix this XAPK issue, you need to manually change the app permission. For example; Recently, I have downloaded Armored Warfare Assault and got the error message “XAPK file validation failed”. To fix this universal issue, go to settings -> apps -> select the game – scroll down -> app permission -> turn on storage permission. That’s it. Restart the game and it should work fine.

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