Maiden Beloved Artifact(Genshin Impact): Where To Get?

Genshin Impact Maiden Beloved artifact guide: find out Maiden Beloved artifact set bonuses, how to get its pieces, and much more

Maiden Beloved Artifact Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Maiden Beloved Artifact Guide

Maiden Beloved is one of the artifacts in the Genshin Impact that would be the best for the characters who have healing abilities. Thanks to the set effect bonuses of this artifact, you can improve the healing of a character. In our recommendation, the two best characters to have this artifact are Qiqi and Barbara. Both these characters have healing ability and it would be better to use this artifact set to empower their healing. 

Maiden Beloved Artifact Set Bonuses

The Maiden Beloved artifact set comes with two set effects. A character can enjoy these bonuses when she/he is equipped with at least x2 pieces that belong to this set. And, for an additional bonus, you will need to gear him/her up with x4 pieces that belong to the Maiden Beloved artifact set. Thanks to the x2 piece effect, you can improve character healing effectiveness. And, thanks to the x4 piece effect, the character can provide more healing to party members with elemental skill and burst ability. 

Genshin Impact Maiden Beloved Artifact Pieces

This artifact set has these pieces: –

  • (1) Maiden’s Distant Love
  • (2) Maiden’s heart-stricken Infatuation
  • (3) Maiden’s Passing Youth
  • (4) Maiden’s Fleeting Leisure
  • (5) Maiden’s Fading Beauty

Where To Get Maiden Beloved Artifact Pieces

⇒Players can acquire Maiden Beloved artifact’s pieces from the Valley of Remembrance location, chests, quests, and the gacha pulls/draws/wish. 

Recommended Characters To Use Maiden Beloved Artifact

The two characters that we recommend to use this artifact set are Qiqi and Barbara. In future updates, devs may release a new healer character – this artifact would be the best for healers. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Genshin Impact Maiden Beloved artifact info. 

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