Pocket Pioneers Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Pocket Pioneers is a mobile farming game by 505 Games Srl. Read on for Pocket Pioneers guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies

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This article covers “how to play Pocket Pioneers”, about farming concepts, fishing, tips & tricks for in-game fast progression, leveling, and other aspects such as locations, NPCs, gifts, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: Pocket Pioneers guide and tips for beginners: –

Get Started With The Very Basics

(1) First things first – there are plenty of things in this game that you can do; some of its highlights are growing crops, working on the quests, completing orders, gathering, fishing, and more. To give you a good idea of progression, we advise following the NPCs quests; there are main quests/tasks that give you massive EXP, a few rubies, gold coins, and the items to proceed further into the game. All you need to do is travel to the locations such as Acorn City, Cave of Fish -> talk to the NPCs with the (?) symbol and accept the quest. Then you will see that quest in the task menu of the game. 

Complete it and get it back to the NPC that gave you this task for confirmation and get the rewards. 

Pocket Pioneers Guide Tips Cheats

(2) Gathering is one of the core concepts in the Pocket Pioneers game. As a player, you will need tools such as a pickaxe, AXE, fishing rod to fish, gather wood, stones, and secondary resources. With the crafting table on the homeland, you can craft a toolmaker that lets you craft these tools. By upgrading the toolmaker, you can craft high-quality tools allowing you to gather from the high-level resources piles. 

(3) At home, you have a hut where your character can sleep and rest, a shed to store the items, and a crafting table to craft the facilities that you will need to craft tools, resources, and more. Each facility has a unqiue use.

(4) Players can upgrade the facilities and get access to more recipes. For example; upgrade toolmaker to level 2 to unlock Iron Pickaxe, Iron AXE, and Iron Rod. Level up fermentation pot to unlock new recipes. Level up kitchen to unlock new food recipes. 

(5) The crafting table allows you to build these facilities in Pocket Pioneers: –

  • Fermentation Pot: helps you ferment food into pickles. Upgrade it to unlock new pickle recipes
  • Toolmaker: helps you to craft gathering tools such as AXE, Pickaxe, Fishing Rod
  • Chicken Coop: you get livestock by completing the NPC quest. Build a chicken coop and keep it there. Feed the livestock and it will yield eggs for you. You can use eggs to cook something delicious 
  • Furnace: Furnace helps you in smelting ore into bars. For example: – Iron Bar; uses iron ore and coal
  • Mill: grind things in the mill to get other resources
  • Keg: brew drinks
  • Cattle Barn: farming facility
  • Baitmaker: helps you craft the lures that you can use in the fishing

(6) Chantrelle Mushrooms can be obtained from Berry Forest or Acorn City. Sunfish at the cave of fish using the nightcrawlers. Squid at pachi pachi(use nightcrawlers). Yellow Perch at Berry Forest (use nightcrawlers, in the night). 

(7) By expanding the backpack, you can carry more items. In the lower-right corner, tap “bag” -> tap upgrade option in the lower-right corner on the bag inventory -> upgrade slots. You will need; cotton canvas or oil paint brush; obtain using a fishing rod in the waters of Qu. Fibularum & Clay by mining(use pickaxe) in Qu. Vines and copal by chopping the trees. 

Do Not Spend The Currencies Recklessly

(1) The x2 currencies in Pocket Pioneers game that you will be using the most are coins and rubies. One can easily earn coins by selling the items through orders, completing the quests, etc. But, when it comes to rubies, you will be having a hard time grinding – that’s why we recommend you to save rubies. Do not spend it on repairing tools that you can craft with the grindable resources, on resources that you can gather, etc. 

(2) How to get rubies for free? Complete the NPCs quests, lifetime goals, daily goals, and event quests. Use it for the items that are extremely rare to get for free. 

Pocket Pioneers Guide To Map

(1) Home – this is the location where you spawn at first and start farming. There would be a small hut, crafting table, and a shed. You can expand the boundaries by buying the land – new land areas unlock at certain levels in the game. In the homeland, you can sow seeds and harvest the crops. Also, make use of the crafting table to build all sorts of facilities and get access to new resources and functions. 

(2) Tap the “bus” button in the lower-left corner -> a map will open where you can see the available locations. Tap on a location that you wish to travel to. Each location offers unqiue resources and packed with NPCs. For example – In Acorn City, you can gather the wood by cutting trees, do fishing, and trade with the NPCs that sell seeds, customizations services, etc. In Cave of Fish, you can mine the ores, do fishing, and talk to the NPCs. 

(3) You can find a variety of fish in different-different locations. Tapping on the map in the lower-left while in the map location will show you the list of fish available on that map. 

(4) Interact with the NPCs -> quest -> accept the quest. Some NPCs have a shop; for instance, Frances in Acorn City sells seeds such as carrot, Wheat, Cabbage, Beetroot, and more. Spend coins to buy these seeds, navigate to the home, and sow seeds there. 

(5) Explore for the resources; each location on the map has a variety of resources that one can gather with the tools such as AXE, Pickaxe, and Fishing Rod. Players need to know that some resource piles give secondary resources, which are rare to get. For example; trees not only give woods but also give secondary resources like copal(resin). Use high-level tools(upgrade toolmaker) or boost the luck to increases the chances of getting secondary resources. 

Pocket Pioneers Guide To Tools

Tools are available in multiple quality varieties: – 

  • Diamond AXE
  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • Ruby AXE
  • Ruby Pickaxe
  • Gold AXE
  • Gold Pickaxe
  • Silver AXE 
  • Silver Pickaxe
  • Bronze Pickaxe
  • Bronze AXE
  • Steel AXE
  • Steel Pickaxe
  • Tin AXE
  • Tin Pickaxe
  • Copper AXE
  • Copper Pickaxe
  • Iron AXE
  • Iron Pickaxe
  • Rusty AXE
  • Rusty Pickaxe

You will need to upgrade the toolmaker to craft high-tier tools or get it from Barry in the city. High-tier tools can break big boulders and trees. 

Boost Luck In Pocket Pioneers

Pocket Pioneers Guide Tips Cheats

Having trouble finding the rare secondary resources or rare fish while grinding in Pocket Pioneers? What you can do is boost luck. There are certain items that can boost the luck; go to Randy Shop in the city and buy Luck Fizz or use items like Lucky Acorn. 

Recover Stamina By Eating Resources

Tap the backpack -> tap on the food-related item -> eat. If you have already built a kitchen, use it to cook delicious dishes. You need the stamina to perform actions like farming, gathering, mining, and more. 

Tips To Level Up Fast In Pocket Pioneers

Pocket Pioneers Guide Tips Cheats

Completing the NPCs quests and the orders give you massive EXP as well as coins. Also, complete the daily goals. 

Raise Relationship With NPCs

Give them gifts, complete their orders to increase relationship points with them. You will be rewarded with a premium gift pack when the relationship reaches a certain extent.

Best Gift Items For NPCs In Pocket Pioneers

What items should you give them as a gift so that you can raise the relationship quickly and get the rewards? We have shared a list of gift likes that NPCs prefer to accept(if you know more, you can share info in the comment box below): –

  • Aeki Likes: Wood, Red Wood, etc.
  • Barry: Coal
  • Bonnie: Apple, Nautilus Shell
  • Captain Harp: Stone, Potato
  • Deer: Red Coral, Corn
  • Flint: Quartz, Ale, Coconut
  • Frances: Ginseng, Coconut, Cabbage, or Kimchi
  • Giovanni: Tilapia, Foxglove, Tomato, Onion
  • Lily: Sunflower
  • Jacques: Fancy Mushroom, Edelweiss, Coconut
  • Mayor: Iron Ore, Pioneer’s Breakfast
  • Sylvia: Blue Coral, Wheat, Amethyst, and Cream

If you have more info on NPC likes, please comment below!

Do Participate In The Events

Pocket Pioneers Guide Tips Cheats

In Pocket Pioneers, events unlock new locations, quests, and more. Farm exclusive items in the event locations, complete event quests for event currency, and get free rewards. 

So this would be all in this post on Pocket Pioneers guide and tips for beginners. There are no Pocket Pioneers cheats or cheats codes available at the moment.

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