Primal Wars: Dino Age Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Primal Wars Dino AgePrimal Wars: Dino Age is a brand new MMO strategy game for Android by 37Games, the creators of Blades & Rings game. Check out our Primal Wars: Dino Age guide, tips, cheats & strategy to build the best primal world

37Games has recently released a new MMO strategy game for Android on Google Play Store. If you have ever played other MMO games such as Dino War, Mafia City, then you can easily understand the mechanics of this game. If not, we are here to guide you and using our Primal Wars Dino Age guide, tips, cheats, and strategy, you will be able to progress fast and increase your power. Let’s explore the Primal World!

Primal Wars: Dino Age – Get Started

Primal Wars Dino AgeIt starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Primal Wars Dino Age, about upgrades, chief, battles, and much more. If you did not pay attention to the tutorial, then here’s the basic of the game you need to know: –

The Basic -> In this game, your objective is to build the best base and capture the dinosaurs, cannibals, new lands, and increase your power. Building the best base requires lots of resources such as stone, wood, gold, food, and metal. As you progress, the cost of upgrades will increase and it would be hard to upgrade them. These items are required in constructing new buildings.

Additionally, you have to take care of your base; the enemies can attack your base to steal your resources. And you can also attack enemy base to steal their resources. In short, there are three types of activities in this game: –

  • Build and upgrade your base
  • Increase your power
  • Attack enemy territories, capture dinosaurs

Let’s start the Primal Wars guide and after it, check out the Primal Wars cheats, tips, and strategy to progress fast.

Primal Wars Guide

In this guide, we will learn about the buildings and how to battle and capture the dinosaurs. Since it is an MMO base-building strategy game, you should know about the buildings.

  • Resources; Wood, Stone, Wood, Metal, Gold

These resources are required to construct new buildings in your territory and to upgrade buildings. These resources are produced in these buildings;

  1. Farm – It produces food
  2. Lumber Camp – for wood
  3. Quarry – for stone
  4. Mine – for metals
  5. Hut – for gold

To increase the production of resources, upgrade these buildings. As I said above, the cost of upgrades will increase as you progress. So, it would be better to keep upgrading these buildings so that you will never have the problem of shortage.

  • Cheif Hut – Primal Wars Guide

Chief Hut is the main building in your territory. You can not upgrade other buildings beyond its level. To upgrade it, you need to upgrade the wall. Upgrading chief hut unlocks upgrades for other buildings. Additionally, it increases the march capacity and aid attempts.

  • Vault Cave

Vault cave is another one of the main buildings in Primal Wars game. This building protects resources from attackers. As I mentioned above, enemies can attack your base for resources. Upgrade this building to keep your resources safe.

  • Training Camp

At this camp, you can train your troops. Tap on it, then choose a unit and train it. Trained units can be deployed or dispatched for the battles.

  • Infirmary

At this building, you can cure the injured troops. Its capacity is limited, upgrade it to cure more numbers of troops at a time.

  • Watch Tower

Watch Tower informs you about enemies who are approaching towards your base for the purpose of battle. Upgrade it to improve its performance.

  • Shrine

The shrine is the research center where you research/study on a variety of aspects such as the economy, military, fortif., slay, and more. Researching on new aspects is an important task; for instance, if you study on economic, you can increase the speed of building, the production rate of resources. Unlock plants by studying on fortif. Increase training speed by studying on the military aspect.

  • Blacksmith

Here you can craft gears; epic, common, and high-quality, based on the gear material. How to obtain crafting material to craft gears? Hunt dinosaurs, capture cannibals. or you could get as a reward or by raiding.

  • Market

For transport activities.

  • Hall Of War

For alliance members. Build it to attack cannibals.

  • Prison

Lock enemies here.

  • Altar

Here, enemy chiefs are sacrificed to activate certain boosts.

How to battle?

If you don’t know how to start the battle or initiate battle; see the picture below,Primal Wars Dino Age

tap on the flame, you will get two options; recon and attack. Choose attack to start the attack. Before you attack, tap on the recon option to check the details of the enemy.

Or, you can send your troops on raids or gather resources; tap on the world icon,

After it, you will see this screen;

Primal Wars Dino Age

Here you can gather resources, hunt dinosaurs, attack enemy territories.

To gather resources; swipe up/right/left and find the resources; once found, tap on it and send your troops to gather resources.

To hunt dinosaurs or cannibals; tap on the search icon(at the bottom-left side of the screen) and choose; dino or cannibals( use the -, + button to find Dino and cannibals according to their levels ).

If you want to attack a territory, tap on a territory; choose the attack option and deploy your units and saurpets. They will come back after a certain amount of time with loot; you can not attack an enemy territory with an active shield.

So, this is the Primal Wars guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Primal Wars Dino Age cheats, tips & strategy.

Primal Wars Dino Age cheats, tips & strategy

1.) Get Free Gems or Crystals

As you know, using crystals you can speed-up the construction speed, building speed, and training speed. How to get free gems or crystals in Primal Wars game?

Way 1.) Join an alliance and you can earn up to 600 crystals for free.

Way 2.) Go to settings – account -> bind account -> choose FB, the Google Play Store and earn free 200 Gems.

2.) Protect your resources

This game is all about building and management of resources. Resources are limited and the cost of the upgrades is very high. And enemies can attack your base anytime and loot your resources. Your objective is to protect your resources; food, metal, wood, stone, and gold. Here’s how: –

  • Upgrade the vault cave – vault cave protects your resources. Increase its capacity by upgrading it
  • Tap on the wall -> defense info -> choose saurpets/dinosaurs. and set up the defense.
  • Train your troops
  • Upgrade your wall level

You can hunt saurpet/dinosaurs by visiting the world map, read the guide above.

3.) Increase chief power

Tap on your avatar, at the top-right side of the screen. There you can check your CP/power. To increase your chief’s power, follow these steps: –

  • Equip gears, gears can be crafted by building blacksmith building
  • Unlock talents; you get talent points when you level up. Go to your avatar -> at the bottom of the screen, tap on talents, choose a talent
  • Upgrade the buildings
  • Upgrade chief’s hut
  • Go to saurpet tab -> upgrade your dinosaurs[get saurbead/leveling-up material by hunting dinosaurs].

4.) Spy, before you attack

Before you send your units to attack enemy territory, tap on the recon option. Recon feature lets you spy in enemy territory and you will be able to know the power of the enemy; CP, defense, and troops. If you send the troops before checking the details of the enemy, it might possible that you lose your troops. Check your CP and compare with enemy CP and then attack accordingly.

5.) Study/Research

Go to shrine building and study on economics, military, slay, and on more aspects to unlock booster and plants. It is the must-do step in Primal Wars Dino Age game and you should take it seriously. Keep studying and unlock new powerful boosters that can increase your production speed, army strength, economic power, and much more.

And at last, I would say, keep upgrading the buildings; the main task.

So, these are some Primal Wars Dino Age game tips, cheats, and a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android 2018

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