Project Battle Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Win The Survival Crown

Project BattleProject Battle by NetEase is the newest entry in NetEase’s battle royal games. It’s a sandbox survival game with breathtaking graphics and gameplay. Check out our Project Battle guide, tips, cheats & strategy to win in this battle royal game

We recently shared this in our top best new Android games 2018 post and now, today, we are going to share some Project Battle tips, cheats & a strategy guide to win the survival crown. NetEase’s Project Battle game is currently in alpha stage and the beta test is currently going on(May 18th – May 24th). And it seems to be NetEase could release Project Battle game before FortCraft. It is well polished, graphics are outstanding and even gameplay is better than Rules of Survival, Survivor Royal, and FortCraft. If you have played PUBG, then you should give it a try, it’s slightly better than it. Project Battle game offers multiple vehicles; boat, cars, jeep, and more. And there is a nitro boost also available.

The landing part is better than all other battleground games, instead of a parachute, there is a modern-class skateboard(with nitro boost). You can even check how many players are on the board.

Project Battle game offers a vast beautiful battlefield(better than all battle royal games); there are beautiful ports, houses, towers, trees, rooms, hotels, bridges, and much more. Driving cars on the bridges, roads is the best moment you can enjoy in this game.

Since it is a sandbox-battle royal game, you can craft shields[in various designs/shapes] using quantum cubes. And it can be done in one click. As per Google Play Store’s description page, the game is far from perfect(in development). Project Battle Alpha Test: – EDT(New York) 09:00a.m. – 3:00(+1 day) a.m. May 18th – May 24th May. Let’s start the Project Battle guide, tips, cheats & strategy to win the royal crown(#1 rank).

Project: Battle – Get Started – The Basic

Project BattleIf you are playing battle-royal game for the first time, then stay here, if not, then skip this part and head over to the tips, cheats & strategy guide part below. The basic -> In Project Battle game, your objective is to be the last one on the battleground. You fight against 99 players from all over the world for survival. At the beginning of the game, you have nothing; you have to find guns, weapons, items on the battlefield. However, you have some cubes/crafting material(read the guide below). In short, you have to be the last one on the battleground.

The game features a wide range of modes(most of them are locked) and there are two characters as of now. Let’s start the guide now!

Project Battle Guide

In this part, we will learn about landing, safe zone, crafting, cubes, how to get more cubes, about vehicles, controls, settings, crates, medics, items, and much more.

1.) Landing On The Battlefield

Project BattleThe very first step in Project Battle game is of landing; it is the most important part because it determines the range of loot and encounters with other other players. Tap on the mini-map, check the circle area(Safe zone), look at the battlefield(pick a location where you want to land). Once you reach there, tap on the plane icon and that’s it.

To land quickly, you can activate the nitro boost(just tap/hold on the skateboard icon) and at the left-side of the screen, hold down and swipe up/down/left/right to navigate.

At the top-left side of the screen, you can check your partner and your status and just above it, you can check how many players are alive and how many players you have killed.

2.) The Battle Begins – Project Battle

After landing on the battlefield, search for the crates. In other battle royals games, you get guns, weapons or other items openly. But in Project Battle, you have to open the crates. Just go close to the crate and wait for few moments; you will see the list of items on the screen. Tap on an item you want to keep, that’s it.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a bag icon; tap on it and check the number of items you have; you can discard/remove items from there.

3.) Project Battle Controls Guide

Project BattleThe controls are quite simple;

on the left side of the screen, hold down your finger and swipe up/down/right/left to control your character. Use the right side of the screen to adjust camera view or simply, tap on the eye icon.

By default, the auto-fire mode is on. You can turn it off under the settings. When you turn it off, you will see the bullet option on the right side. Tap on it to fire a shot.

Use the Zoom-in option/feature to target an enemy accurately. And two more controls options on the right side of the screen are; jumping and crouching.

Crafting Guide – Cubes in Project Battle Game

At the beginning of the game, you have limited quantity of cubes and you can not make a broad shield. You can check the cube qt. near the HP bar.

Tap on the cube icon and select a shape you want to craft. Just above the cube icon, there is an instant-craft feature; you just hold down on it and swipe up/down/right/left to craft a perfect design instantly.

How to obtain cubes in Project Battle game?

Cube, crafting material is inadequate. And you can obtain this material from crates; find, search & open crates[usually, you find big crates on the roads, in the toilets, near the port).

4.) Safe Zone Is Shrinking

After a certain amount of time, the safe zone gets shrunk. Tap on the mini-map and check “are you in the circle?”. If not, then go there quickly.

5.) How to move fast?

You can activate the sprint mode in Project Battle; once activated, your character will run automatically. To activate the auto-run mode, just hold down your finger on the left side of the screen, swipe-up and touch the “sprint” icon.

6.) Vehicle Guide

As stated above, Project Battle game offers multiple vehicles; you can drive amazing cars on roads, boat on the river, jeep on the hills. All you need to to do is go close to a vehicle and tap on the drive option. You can adjust the vehicle controls under the settings(near the mini-map, tap on the gear icon to open settings).

How to find vehicles? You can find these vehicles in urban areas; on the road, near towers, ports, near bridges.

How to activate nitro? 

It’s very simple. If you are in a car, tap on the nitro icon(at the right side of the screen, just below the mini-map).

Keep note that nitro is limited.

So, this is the Project Battle guide for the beginners. Now, let’ start the Project Battle tips, cheats & strategy guide.

Project Battle Cheats, Tips, And Strategy Guide

1.) Landing; Late & Fast – grab the loot

As stated above, landing part is one of the important tasks in Project Battle game. If you land on a random place; chances are you will lose loot(guns, weapons, items).

And everyone wants to grab the best loot. You are one of them. Here’s the strategy: –

  • Land late – to avoid the encounter with enemies
  • Fast -> After you tap on the plane icon, use the nitro boost and land on the field fast; grab the loot before your enemies

In short, in early moments of the game; try your best and grab the precious loot(best guns, items; medical kits, ammo, armors, and a vehicle).

2.) Find Vehicle

There are two benefits of having a vehicle;

  • You can easily kill enemies
  • You can move to the safe zone fast

That’s why you should find a vehicle. But in the last moments, it would be better to exit the vehicle; because of:

  • The safe zone is too shrunk
  • What if your enemy has created a tower using the cube? He can easily kill you from there. And while driving a vehicle, you can not access the gun or cube feature

3.) Find Crates Because Cube Is Required

Project BattleIn the last moments, using the cube, you can create a large shield and protect yourself from the enemy. But since the cube is in limited quantity, you have to obtain it; just find crates and obtain this crafting material.

Project Battle Tips, Cheats -> Don’t use cube/crafting material at the beginning of the game. The best time to use it is when you and one more player are on the battlefield.

4.) At The Edge

Keep yourself at the edge of the safe zone to avoid encounters with the enemies. It’s not a shooting game; the number of kills does not matter; just survive; fewer encounters = long time survival.

5.) Quick Tips, Cheats & Strategy for the Project Battle game: –

  1. Land on a less-crowded place
  2. Grab the loot in early moments; armors, best guns, medi-packs
  3. Find big crates and gather cube
  4. Don’t use the cube at the beginning of the game
  5. Find a vehicle; you can easily crush enemies using the vehicle
  6. Keep yourself at the edge of the safe zone
  7. Hide behind the rocks, trees, buildings
  8. In the last moments, create a tower using the cube and shoot your enemies from the top
  9. Always equip the best weapon in your hand

So, these are some Project Battle tips, cheats & strategy guide for the beginners. Download Project Battle game for Android – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best survival games for Android

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