PUBG Mobile Guide, Tips, Cheats, And Strategy To Be The Last One Standing

PUBG mobile Guide Tips Cheats And StrategyTencent’s official PUBG mobile is now available for mobile devices and in the English language. Can you be the last man on the battleground? Check out PUBG mobile guide and PUBG mobile cheats, tips to be the last one on the battlefield

This week we have got back-to-back two battle royal games; FortCraft by NetEase and the official PUBG by Tencent in the English language. After releasing the Chinese version, Tencent’s PUBG mobile has just arrived for mobile devices, bringing the true battle royal gameplay to your mobile devices. In PUBG mobile, you face up to 100 players and the goal is to be the last man out there. The last one standing wins!

In this post, we have covered almost everything about the PUBG mobile game guide, tips, cheats, and strategy that will help you to master the game like an expert! We have divided this post into two parts; PUBG mobile guide and PUBG mobile tips, cheats, and strategy.

Let’s start the PUBG mobile guide first: – 

PUBG Mobile – Get Started

PUBG mobile Guide Tips Cheats And StrategyThe game comes with three modes; solo mode, duo mode, and squad mode. The player can choose any one out of these and start the battle. In each mode of the PUBG mobile game, there is one goal that you have to achieve; be the last one and it would not be easy, because, other 99 players will not gift you the victory. All of the players have the same goal.

You can login to the game as a guest or link the game to your Facebook account. Playing as a guest does not mean your progress will not be saved, it will. But connecting to Facebook account adds the guard and you will not lose your progress. After it, customize the character and enter your nickname. On the main screen, at the top left, tap on the start button to start the battle. You can choose the game mode before you start the battle.

As you have no clothes at the beginning of the game, you can purchase it in exchange for BP/battle points/coins. But it is not necessary, you will get it as a daily log-in reward or buy it in exchange for BP or open crates. Let me explain all the section of the PUBG mobile game: –

PUBG Mobile Guide

PUBG mobile Guide Tips Cheats And Strategy

  • PUBG Mobile Settings Guide

Before you start the battle in PUBG mobile guide, the very first step you have to do is customize the settings for the best gameplay. Here’s the PUBG mobile settings guide: –

Basic – Under this section, you can change crosshair color, aim assist, healing prompt, fire button, gyroscope, and peek & fire settings.

  1. Aim Assist – Enabling aim assist help you to aim easier in the game
  2. Healing Prompt – Keep it enable and you will get the best recovery option based on your health
  3. Fire Button at left side – In PUBG mobile, there are two fire buttons[left side and right side]. You can disable the left side fire button under the settings.

Graphics – Well this is the main setting and you should customize it according to your device. To reduce heating and battery consumption while playing PUBG mobile, keep the frame rate low or medium. You have four options for graphics setting; smooth, balanced, HD, and ultra HD.

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PUBG Mobile Guide – Controls Guide

There are two types of controls in PUBG mobile; for your character and for the vehicle. Both controls can be customized under the settings.

At the top left of the screen, you can see the status; how many players are alive and how many players are killed.

At the bottom left of the screen; there is a bag option. All the items you picked from the buildings, battlefield stored in this bag. Tap on it and check what you have got. After it, tap on an item and you can use it. For example, you have got the first aid box, tap on it and then use it to recover the health. If you have some useless items in your bag, you can drop it partially or the whole set.

At the bottom of the screen, you can check your health status; if its white, then don’t worry, if it’s red, then it means someone has bothered you. Just above the health status, you can choose the gun(if you have picked it). You can set it to auto or manual mode/single.

The right side of the screen is to change the camera view/aim. Some more options out there – reload the bullets, shooting mode, jump, shoot or attack button, just above the jumping button, there is a zoom option to target the enemy perfectly.

If you see the vehicle, go close to it and choose the drive option or if your partner is driving; tap on get in option and let him/her drive.

Go close to the door to get open and close options.

To pick an item, go close to it and tap on those which you want to store. You can disable the auto pick-up feature in PUBG mobile under the settings.

At the top right side of the screen, there is a map, tap on the map and zoom in to locate the safe zone, red zone, and your friends. To keep track yourself on the map, tap on “mark my location”.

So this is the PUBG mobile control guide for the beginners. Let’s continue the PUBG mobile guide’s next part: –

Miscellaneous Sections: –

  • Inventory – Here you can purchase items for your character
  • Supplies – Purchase the crate in exchange for BP and you might get some useful items.
  • Missions – Under this section, you can check out all the tasks you have to complete to earn XP, vitality
  • Events – Complete events in PUBG mobile and earn some BP
  • Crew – Under this section, you can create a team of players/your friends

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PUBG Mobile Tips, Cheats, and Strategy

This is the second part of this post, let’s talk about the PUBG mobile tips and tricks, strategy to use in the battle to survive and be the last one on the battleground.

Good Landing Spot – PUBG MOBILE TIPS

PUBG mobile Guide Tips CheatsYou have no weapons! no supplies! nothing! The very first step you have to do is grab the loot by landing to a good spot; pick an area with 2-3 buildings and jump straight towards it. And the reason behind choosing a less crowdy area is you will be able to survive for a long time as many players lands where there are many buildings; because of loot; weapons, supplies.

Your parachute will open automatically, you can control or navigate your character using the joystick. Try to be the first one to land on the ground and you will definitely get a better loot than others; go to each room of the building and grab all types of items.

Keep note that you can not survive in PUBG mobile if you fail to grab the weapons and other items. Once you have landed, don’t waste your time and start searching for the loot. Best weapons and items increase the chances of last one standings!

PUBG Mobile Tips – It’s not a shooting game

To be the last one on the battleground, one of the best ways is “don’t encounter with enemies”. Once you grab the gun or other items; medical kit, just keep away from the enemies; hide in a safe place instead of finding enemies.

The map is your navigator – PUBG Mobile Tips

In PUBG mobile, navigation is much important. There is a map on your screen, tap on the map and zoom in to know your location, safe zone, and red zone. If you are in the red zone[check out on the map], try to get yourself out from there as fast as you can. If you are outside the safe zone[circle], then try to get yourself in as fast as you can.

⇒One of the best ways to survive in PUBG mobile is keeping yourself around the safe zone boundary as it minimizes the chances of encountering with enemies.

⇒ If boundaries are cut down by much, keep moving inwards and in crouching position.

⇒ If the safe zone has shrunk too much, then find a good cover; bushes, trees, fence etc. and keep yourself in the prone or crouch position. On the other hand, if you are moving in this situation, then your enemy might spot you and it would be easy for him to slay down you. So a good cover is must in order to survive and be the last on the battleground in PUBG mobile.

⇒ If you have enabled the auto pick up feature, then you should check out all the items you have in your bag. Choose the best weapon, if you have low HP, then use first aid box or bandage or energy drink[if you have] to restore the health.

⇒ It is obvious that the player who sees the other first gets the advantage as he can shot the enemy. So avoid letting your enemies see you, shooting them perfectly[without letting see you] increases the chance of last one standing. In this case, you must aim perfectly, don’t miss your shot; take some time to aim the target and shoot! Stand up when you are ready to shoot. – PUBG Mobile Tips

⇒ Move in ZIG-ZAG pattern if you are in the range of the enemy; just confuse him/her, activate the sprint mode, hide behind the rock, under bushes, house; nearby

So these are the PUBG mobile cheats, tips, and tricks to be the last one on the battleground; it all depends on your strategy; how you hide from others, controls; how you shoot enemies, navigate your character, skills; shooting skill, landing spot, grab valuable items. You can download PUBG mobile for Android – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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