Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania Tips, Cheats, Guide

Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania Tips, Cheats, GuideDescription – Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania is one of the sweetest Android games of 2018 by IGG. Check out Sweet Maker Match3 Mania game guide, tips, tricks, and cheats

Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania Tips, Cheats, GuideIf you have ever played Candy Crush game or you are getting bored by playing Candy Crush game, then you should play Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania, the best alternative to Candy Crush game. It has varieties of features, addictive gameplay and everything(resources) can be achieved by playing the game.

Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania Tips, Cheats, GuideOne of the best features is “Sweet Maker” the player can create custom match3 levels, with the custom target, with every candy, and share with other players. All levels are challenging and addictive. In this post, we are sharing some basic tips, cheats, and a useful guide that help you to clear all levels without losing hearts.

Basic of the game – Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania

Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania Tips, Cheats, GuideLike other match3 mani games, in this game too you have to complete the target with limited moves. Targets like clear puddings, ice candies, move pistachio out, clear mischievous guys, and much more. There are varieties of boosters are present to use when you are out of moves. Boosters like rocket, lollipop, swapper, shuffle, and much more.

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Candies in Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania

  • Strawberry red candy
  • Tangy orange candy
  • Mint blue candy
  • Lime green candy
  • Bubblegum candy
  • Berry purple candy

⇒ How to transform normal candies into special candies/boosters/power-ups?

Special Candies

  • Rainbow candy
  • Toffee candy
  • Butterfly candy
  • Bubblegum candy
  1. To get a striped special candy, match four candies(same color) in a row.
  2. To get a toffee candy, match five candies in an L-shape.
  3. Get a rainbow candy, match five candies(same color candies) in a row.
  4. To get a butterfly candy, match two color sets. It means you have to clear two types of candies in a move.
  5. To get a bubblegum candy, match four candies in a square.
  6. Get two special candies by matching two bubblegum candies.

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  • Gold Coins
  • Silver Coins

You can use gold coins to buy boosters. If you fail to complete the level in limited moves, you can buy more moves with coins to keep playing. You can avail tapjoy offers to get coins for free or earn in the jackpot.

You use silver coins to use jackpot feature. With this feature, the player can get booster, heart, and much for free. Play the levels created by other players to get silver coins.

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Sweet Maker

Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania Tips, Cheats, GuideYou can also create your custom levels, share with others. Complete 32 stages to unlock this feature. Here’s the full guide to creating your custom match3 levels –

  1. Tap on the home option on the main screen.
  2. After it, tap on edit option.
  3. Tap on erase option and erase everything.

⇒ Toolbar

Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania Tips, Cheats, Guide

There is a toolbar at the bottom of the screen which includes all candies, obstacles, and features used to create a match3 stage.

  1. First in the toolbar is a simple square – used to place a candy. This option is to create a layout. Tap on it and use with editing area.
  2. Next are candies; strawberry, tangy, lemon, mint, berry, lime. Tap on any of these candies and place where you want.
  3. After these candies, a default candy which turns into a candy of any color; green, yellow, red, or others.
  4. Next is a dropper function, you can place it above the match3 board, at the top. Once placed, tap on it and choose the candies that you want to drop when the player clears a set of candy.
  5. After it, pudding, an obstacle.
  6. Next is a striper bag used to make a special candy. Tap on it and use over a candy.
  7. After it a toffee maker.
  8. Next is a thin jelly.
  9. Bubblegum
  10. Butterfly
  11. Thick jelly
  12. Pistachio
  13. Pistachio mover
  14. Cupcake Liner
  15. Butter cupcake
  16. Ice cube
  17. Jar of pistachio
  18. Chunk of Sweet Ice
  19. An Icing Cupcake

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Use the first option to create a layout, then choose candies, place them where you want. That’s it.

Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania Tips, Cheats, GuideTo change the target and moves, tap on the pencil option, at the top of the screen. Increase or decrease the moves. Change the target by taping on the favicon and replace it with custom.Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania Tips, Cheats, Guide

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If you are creating a pistachio level –

  • Don’t forget to place the jar of Pistachios on top of the layout.
  • Tap on it and change the drop interval, maximum number of Pistachios on board.
  • Place three-four Pistachio mover on the board.

After you complete your project, tap on upload option and complete the stage to share with other players. That’s it.

You can check the number of attempts, ratings, comments, and view the replay from home section.

Closing words on Sweet Maker Match3 Mania

Sweet Maker DIY Match3 Mania is an amazing, addictive, and challenging game. It is one of the best match3 mania games for Android. Are you ready to sugar rush? Download Sweet Maker Match3 Mania – here[Google Play Store].

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