Trade Island Guide: Tools, Resources, Wishes, Territories, And Much More

Trade IslandTrade Island is a brand new simulation game for Android and iOS by Game Insight. Check out our Trade Island guide and know about tools, warehouse, wishes, and much more

Trade Island is now officially out for all the players worldwide. In the game, you play as a mayor and the objective is to increase the population, provide facilities for the residents, and unlock new territories. In Trade Island game, you can build dozens of facilities such as coffee shop, sawmill, stores, buildings, house, roads, bench, and much more. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Trade Island Guide: Tools, Wishes, Residents, Population, Resources(coffee, fruits, candy, pizza, and more), trading, warehouse, territory, story, territory map, selling, and much more.

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1.) The Basics – How To Play

If you are playing it for the first time, then you may face some problems in understanding the game’s mechanics. This part covers the basics and guides about the objectives.

In Trade Island game, your objective is to build a great Island by adding more facilities such as stores, shops. At the beginning of the game, the Island is totally clear. Converting an empty Island into a city requires hard work, management skills, and patience. As you build new facilities on the Island, more people will come there. They will stay in huts or house or buildings and as a rent, they will pay you coins.

There would be trees, bushes, and many more obstacles too; you can clear them and add more facilities. At the beginning of the game, most of the buildings are locked. As you level up, you will gain access to new features, territories, and much more. All you need to do is expand the Island and build a great city. So, this is the basic Trade Island guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start an ultimate Trade Island guide to master the game.

1.) Building, Level, And Residents Guide

In Trade Island game, city hall is one of the important buildings. Without upgrading it, you can not build more facilities on the Island. To upgrade it, you need to increase your level and increase the population by attracting more people.

Level Up

To level-up, complete the quests(you will see an (i) icon on the residents), tap the residents and read what they want. Complete these quests and earn EXP and level up. Another way to increase the level is removing obstacles(tap on an obstacle such as a tree, bushes, and more and hit the shovel icon).

Increase the population – here’s how

You can increase the population by building huts, house, cottage, buildings, benches, flower bed, swing, road-sign, and many more residential & decoration facilities. Or buy vehicles. Tap the building icon at the bottom-left corner to access these facilities.

2.) Tools Guide

In Trade Island game, getting tools is not an easy task. You receive tools from the gift boxes, treasure chests, from shipments, by trading. If you have unlocked the truck depot, then ship the goods and in return, you could get tools.

Tools such as AX, saws, hammers, and more are used in upgrading the warehouse(Warehouse’s storage capacity is limited, you must upgrade it in order to save more goods), to unlock the territories, remove the obstacles and in the building. In short, these are the ways to obtain tools in Trade Island game: –

  • Unlock the truck depot and ship goods
  • Complete the residents’ quest and make them happy. When their happiness level reaches the maximum point, you will get a gift. Open the gift and you could get tools
  • Attract new residents and obtain gift packs
  • From the treasure chest
  • As a reward
  • Trading

Truck Depot: – Unlock the Postalley territory to unlock truck depot. To unlock this territory, you need territory maps and coins. Complete the story to obtain territory map. At the top-left of the screen, tap the book icon to access to the stories. Explore & earn maps.

3.) Trade Island Guide – Resources

Resources such as wood, coffee, fruits, candy, buns, lunch, pizza etc. are required to make other goods or in building & constructing. You can build these resources in these buildings: –

  • Wood – Sawmill
  • Fruits – Plantation, Trees
  • Wood – Sawmill, Remove The Obstacles
  • Fabric – Textile Mill
  • Iron Ore – Smeltery
  • Glass – Glass Plant
  • Plastic – Plastic Factory
  • Oranges – Orangery

Among all these, wood is one of those items that is used frequently. So, it would be better to build a sawmill as soon as possible.

4.) Warehouse Guide

The warehouse is the building where all the items are stored. Since its capacity is limited, you can not store an unlimited number of items. Either upgrade it or sell the items or use the items. AT the top-right corner, tap the warehouse icon. Tap on an item to get its details. Tap the sell button to sell it. Don’t sell rare items such as paint(paint is used to repaint the buildings), maps(to unlock new territories), and more.

5.) Friendship Level & Friendship Points Guide

In Trade Island game, one of the best ways to earn precious tools is obtaining the gift from the residents. Residents often gift you when they level up. To level up a resident, earn friendship points.

Tap a resident on the Island -> then tap on its icon. On the next screen, you can see the friendship bar(gauge) and points. Upon leveling up, you earn a massive amount of XP and a gift pack.

How to earn friendship points? 

  • Complete their quests
  • Trade orders

6.) Trade Orders Guide

At the bottom-right corner, tap the shop icon and on the next screen, you will see orders. Complete these orders to earn coins, friendship points, and stars. Once you have enough stars, you can open the cargo box.

7.) Wishes & Celebration – Trade Island Guide

Trade IslandKeep an eye on residents wandering in the lanes of Island. There would be a bubble message that shows their wish. For instance; if it’s a coffee icon, then drag & drop the resident over the coffee shop. If it’s a hearts icon, then drag & drop the resident close to a female resident. And if it’s a hot dog icon, then drag & drop to hot dog cart. Just drag & drop to a place that glows.

Complete their wishes to earn celebration points/balloons. Gain enough balloons and once you have enough, a party will be organized in one of the residents’ house. Complete the party requirements to earn precious items.

8.) How to move objects; buildings, facilities?

Long press on an item and hold+drag & drop there where you want. Tap the delete icon to remove it for coins. You can not move some items in Trade Island game.

So, this is the Trade Island guide for the beginners. We will soon publish tips, tricks & cheats of Trade Island game in our upcoming post. Download Trade Island game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best Farming games for Android

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