The Visitor: Ep.2 – Sleepover Slaughter Overview, Walkthrough, And Guide

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Walkthrough Of The Visitor Episode 2 – Sleepover Slaughter – Part 3.

In this part, the alien monster has to eat “Stacey”. First, we have to attract both Kelly and Stacey to get out of the locked room. Then we make a dish using green chilly, paint, and snacks.

Step 1.) when you get out of the bathroom[where the alien monster eats the guy]. You will enter into the corridor. Some of the main objects in this corridor are – a bag that contains green chilly, an almirah – inside of almirah you get paint and a painting, and last object is hanger[will be used in last part].

Step 2.) Enter into the computer room and tap on the computer screen. Login to his social media account. There you will see three profiles – Misty, Kelly, and Stacey. 

Step 3.) Tap on Kelly’s profile. You have two option – snacks and Kelly. Like the snacks option and Dislike the Kelly option.

Step 4.) Now, tap on Stacey’s profile. You have two options – Ice-Cream and Stacey[she wants to spend holiday]. Dislike the Ice-Cream option and like Stacey.

Step 5.) Now, you’ve done. Both girls will come out of the room. Now, pick the snacks from the sofa and enter the kitchen next to computer room[left side].

Step 6.) Open the shelf and pick the plate. Place the plate on the table. Go to the computer room, pick snacks and place on the plate.

Step 7.) Go to the corridor, open almirah-pick the paint[yellow color], go to the kitchen mix it with snacks.

Step 8.) Go to the corridor again, tap on the bag, grab the green chilly. After it, again go to the kitchen then mix chilly with snacks.

Step 9.) Get out of the kitchen. Stacey will enter the kitchen. Go to the kitchen again and tap on Stacey. That’s it. You eat Stacey.

⇓In next walkthrough, using painting+cap+hanger, the alien monster will eat Kelly. Walkthrough ⇓

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