Ark Survival Evolved Hits Google Play Store and App Store

Ark Survival Evolved AndroidStudio Wildcard has finally released Ark Survival Evolved for Android on Google Play Store and for iOS on App Store. Check out our Ark Survival Evolved Android game coverage

Well, the most awaited survival game has finally released for Android and iOS. It was released on iOS a few days ago and now it’s officially available on both platforms worldwide. Ark Survival Evolved Play Store link is given below.

Its size is 1.8 GB and it does not support Android devices┬áhaving less than 3 GB of RAM. Now, let’s talk about the game. In the game, your objective is to survive as long as you can. You are on a mysterious Island; alone.

To survive, gather the resources, build the shelter, hunt dinosaurs, craft tools, make friends, join the tribe, defend the shelter, and there are plenty of activities you can do.

The Ark Survival Evolved game features over 80 dinosaurs; you can breed dinosaurs, train them, ride on them across the land-sea, and even in the air.

There are many other survival games also available on Google Play Store, why should you try this? The answer to this question is pretty simple;

  • Breathtaking Graphics
  • Amazing Gameplay – Better Than Other Games
  • Massive landscape
  • 80+ Dinosaurs
  • Crafting & Building; build shelter, city, village
  • Team-Up feature
  • Single Player Mode
  • Tribe facility

Ark Survival Evolved also features subscription facility that removes all ads, gives you 2X XP boost, and provides you access to multiple servers. You can buy it on a monthly basis or yearly basis.

Download Ark Survival Evolved – Here(Google Play Store).

And if you are unfamiliar with these type of games; In the game, you will have to gather natural resources; wood to craft tools, fruits & water to maintain health status. As you level up, you will be able to access more features and craft tools. You can build lots of devices to make the life easier and safe; like food resources, water resources, machinery, shelter, bed, and many more things.

You can invite or join friends and enjoy the best survival game experience on the mobile screen. Survival is a challenge. You have to maintain HP, food status, water status, and keep yourself alive. The game will keep you busy for hours and hours. Go, gather, craft, build, and survive.

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