Astral Fable By EYOUGAME(USS) Is Now Available Globally

Astral Fable is a new MMORPG for mobile featuring anime-themed characters by Eyougame. The game is now available worldwide and servers are also up

Astral Fable GameEyougame is now back with another anime-style MMORPG called Astral Fable. It was announced back in December 2019. And, the pre-registration for Android & iOS went live on January 17, 2020. Today, on February 12, the game is now available worldwide for all the players. Speaking of the game, it’s an anime-themed MMORPG with great graphics. You will create a character and explore a beautiful map full of NPCs, characters, pets, mounts, players, etc. We would recommend checking our Astral Fable guide if you have just started playing it.

Astral Fable By Eyougame(USS)

First, you will create a character and choose the class. After that, you are going to embark on a beautiful adventure where you will complete the NPC quests – and, as you progress further, you get join guild, fight bosses, monsters in the dungeons. Other than quests, fighting, Astral Fable also features sailing, fishing, like functions that you will love a lot.

The gameplay is pretty much automatic. The player needs to make the character stronger and continue through the main quests. After playing for a while, you will start learning about the game modes and all the stuff.

The graphics of the game are great – it is packed with amazing game mechanics; Mount, Fishing, Guild, Babies, Partners, etc. Overall, it’s a fun game – you can avoid auto-mode and play manually to experience the quality of the game. Auto-mode is pretty fast and does all the things like story progression, battle, etc. quickly.

If you don’t like the auto-system, then this game might disappoint you. Also, there is a VIP mode that players can buy to get stronger or progress quickly.

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So this would be all in this post on Astral Fable game overview.

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