Basketball Black, Smallest Basketball Game For Android Released By Puran Software

basketball blackPuran Software, creators of Cricket black game has released a new basketball game called “Basketball Black”. Basketball Black game for Android is one of the light size basketball games. Here’s the overview of Basketball Black

Basketball Black is another new sports game for Android from the creators of Cricket Black game. Like other games(Cricket Black, Football Black), the player simply tap on the screen to shoot the ball into the basket. The goal is to make the high score. You compete with the other players for the high rank.

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Genre; Offline, Online, Sports

basketball blackBasketball Black can be played offline as well as online. You can play solo in offline mode, chase randomly generated targets. Collect coins and get the new outfit & basket.

basketball blackThere is a multiplayer mode also, you compete against other players in which you defeat other players. It is a turn-based multiplayer mode. The player who scores more baskets wins the game.

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You can directly compete with friends. Simply log in to your Facebook account, invite your friends and play matches. Earn coins and shop for caps, shoes, and baskets.

basketball blackIt is one of the best time killer games. If you are looking for light size basketball games, then you should give it a try to this 2MB Basketball Black game.

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Closing Words on Basketball Black game

Basketball Black is simple yet addictive game for Android. It is a good time waster, light size and features online multiplayer and offline mode. You can download the Basketball Black game – here[Google Play Store].

Tips – You can increase the number of turns to make a new high score by combo shots. Simply shoot the ball to basket back-to-back without losing any point.

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