Black Clover Phantom Knights – Fuegoleon(Salamander), Rankings In The New Update

The latest update to Black Clover Phantom Knights has added a new character Fuegoleon(S. Arm) and ranking system in Defend the Capital modeBlack Clover Phantom Knights Fuegoleon S. Arm

Another maintenance is over! And a new event has started. During the event, which has started today(January 29, 2020), you can summon Fuegoleon(S. Arm) from his step-up summon banner. He is different from Fuegoleon – Buffer. Unlike him, Fuegoleon(S. Arm) is the top-tier best tank with great abilities. Like all other step-up summon banners, Fuegoleon(S. Arm) banner consists of 7 steps. You will need x1800 Black Jewels for the step-1 – x11 draw. The cost increases to x3600 black jewels in the next two steps. At step-2, Fuegoleon(S. Arm) drop rate will increase and remain the same in further steps. Step-4 is completely free – 0 black jewels and x11 draw. At step-7, 5-Star Fuegoleon(S. Arm) is guaranteed. Black Clover Phantom Knights Fuegoleon(S. Arm) and Rankings system – these are the two main highlights of this update.

Black Clover Phantom Knights Fuegoleon(S. Arm): –

Fuegoleon(S. Arm) is a top-tier character in Black Clover Phantom Knights – one of the best tanks in the game.

  • Role – Defender
  • Formation Type I -Lion II
  • Formation Type 2 – Elephant
  • Strength – High HP and DEF stats makes him a top-tier defender. Formation skill increases the blue gem drop rate for allies.

Abilities of Fuegoleon(S. Arm) –

  • Arcane Art – Inflict DMG and Slip
  • A.O.M. – Raises the blue gem drop rate during AOM
  • Ignis Columna AB I – Gains armor and raises hate(self)
  • Sol Grandis Sancturium AB II – Raises the red gem drop rate(self and allies in range)
  • Noble Hellfire – with this skill, Fuegoleon(S. Arm) raises his attack and critical rate

Defend the Capital Event Rankings

In the latest event, you can earn Phantom Sheets, Heath Sheets, Black Jewels, AP Medicine, Gold Nugget, Honing Key like rewards by climbing up on the ranking board. Head to Defend the Capital mode screen -> Heath Battle -> select the quest based on the difficulty/group – beginner, intermediate, expert, grand knight, and wizard king.

Clear the quest by killing all the enemies. In the end, on the result screen, the game will give you score points based on the kills, timings, and power. Your goal is to keep earning score points during the event and get the top spot in the ranking table.

Tap the ranking button on the left side after selecting the quest difficulty; there would be two tabs; total ranking and group rankings. In the total rankings, you will see the ranking based on the total score from all the groups. In the group ranking tab, you will see the ranking by the group; beginner, expert, intermediate, and so on.

The rewards are different for each group. The higher the difficulty, the more rewards you get. Select the group and then tap the check rewards button to check all the rewards that you can obtain. Total Ranking rewards include skip tickets too.

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