Black Clover Phantom Knights – Julius & Jien Makes Entry

Black Clover Phantom Knights – two new characters – Julius & Jien have been added to the event banner and you can grab them now!

So the maintenance is over! And, the new event has started – from 22 January 2020 to February 19, 2020. During this event, you have the chance to get new characters; Julius and Jien. It is the same as other step-up-summons – the first step requires 1800 Black Jewels and you get to draw x10 Character Sheets. At the 2nd step, the drop rate for Jien and Julius will increase. And, it remains the same till the 6th step. At last, at 7th step, Black Clover Phantom Knights Guarantees One 5-star Jien or 5-star Julius. In this post on Black Clover Phantom Knights, we will give you an overview of both these new characters – Julius and Jien. So without further ado, let’s dive in. Black Clover Phantom Knights Julius

Black Clover Phantom Knights Julius: –

Well, this Julius is not the one that you might be thinking of – he is not the defender – that Julius is a tier 1 character in the JP tier list. This one falls under Extra Role and In the JP tier list, it falls under Tier 3. You can check the tier list here: –

Let’s take a look at his stats: –

  • Role – Extra
  • Formation Type 1 – Scale
  • Formation Type 2 – N/A
  • From. Skill – Restores HP to all allies

Abilities: –

  • A.A. – His A.A. skill does damage to the enemies in range and prevent them from certain actions; including recovery abilities, delay in attacks
  • A.O.M. – It raises the blue gem drop rate during A.O.M.
  • Chrono Sasis – AB I – Inflicts stop
  • Chrono Grigoros – AB II – Increases an ally’s number of actions
  • AB III – Multi-strike the enemies

Strength: –

  • He is good at stopping enemies from using their abilities

Tier: –

  • Tier – 3

Black Clover Phantom Knights Jien: –Black Clover Phantom Knights Jien

Jien is another 5-star character that has been added to the last update and available in the step-up-summon banner. He also falls under Extra Role.

Let’s take a look at his skills: –

  • Role – Extra
  • Formation Type I – Pigeon
  • Formation Type II – Turtle
  • Power – 1010
  • Star Level – 5
  • Relic Supply – Saint’s Shield

Skills/Abilities of Jien: –

  • His AA targets a single enemy and lowers the AA gauge. So cast his AA skill before the enemy uses his/her A.A. It will lower the enemy’s AA gauge – and, the enemy will take more time to charge it up or use AA
  •  A.O.M. – He absorbs the participant’s status effect and raises his own attack
  • Healing Wand – Restores the HP of allies in range
  • Burst Cross – DMG on the enemies in range and lowers WIS
  • Ice Bow – DMG and Inflict Stop

Strength: –

  • His healing ability, which restores the HP of allies
  • A.A. lowers the enemy’s AA Gauge
  • Jien’s relic is pretty good as it increases the stats by the massive amount

Tier: –

  • Tier – 3(With Relic)

Well, definitely, not the top-tier characters or worthy characters to roll for.

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So this would be all in this post on Black Clover Phantom Knights Julius and Jien Info.

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