Black Clover Phantom Knights Update – Arena, Noelle and Vanessa’s Chocolate Event, And Much More

Black Clover Phantom Knights Update(5th Feb) – arena mode is now live, Noelle and Vanessa are available in step-up summon, and much more

Black Clover Phantom Knights Update Arena Noelle VanessaThe latest update to Black Clover Phantom Knights has just been released on Android and iOS. The update has finally unlocked the PvP Arena mode where you can fight other players’ brigades and earn arena points to rank-up in the leaderboard. Also, there is a brand new event called Magic Chocolate that you can play to get time-limited items; 5-star relic(Sword Circlet). Other than that, two characters(Noelle and Vanessa) are available in the step-up summon. Let’s take a look at the details of this Black Clover Phantom Knights Update(5th Feb.).

Sheet Summon Is Now Live: –

In Black Clover Phantom Knights, now you can get 5-star characters’ sheets so that you can evolve them. Here is the detail(characters’ sheets available) –

  • Yami Sheets
  • Yuno Sheets
  • Luck Sheets
  • Nozel Sheets
  • Jack Sheets
  • Vetto Sheets
  • Mereoleona Sheets
  • Asta(Demon-Dweller) Sheets
  • Mimosa Sheets
  • Kahono Sheets
  • Vangeance Sheets
  • Fuegoleon Sheets
  • Fana Sheets
  • Grey Sheets
  • Lotus Sheets
  • Charlotte Sheets
  • Witch Queen Sheets
  • Zora Sheets
  • Mars Sheets
  • Henry Sheets

To summon the sheets, you need sheet summon tickets that you can obtain from the arena rewards or there will be some login bonuses event in the future that may give these tickets.

Why There Is No Sheet Summon Option Available In My Game?

If you don’t have a sheet summon ticket, then you would not see the sheet summon banner option. So grab the sheet summon tickets first.

Black Clover Phantom Knights Arena Mode Is Now Live

The 5th Feb. update has unlocked the Arena mode, which was locked since the release. Now, you can fight other player’s Brigades and rank-up in the arena leaderboard to get the season/ranking reward.

Noelle and Vanessa Step-Up Summon Banner

Noelle(5*) – this Noelle is not the healer. This is the Valentine version of Noelle and it’s of defender role. Let’s take a look at her abilities: –

  • Her ABI is pretty good as it increases her DEF and Hate + restores the HP
  • AB II  raises the ally’s DEF and restores HP
  • And, AB III gives armor to allies
  • A.A. – Inflicts damage, lowers the attack of enemies, chances to seal AA
  • Relic Supply – Wand of Deluge

Vanessa(Valentine) –

  • Role – Attacker
  • AA – Inflicts DMG, lowers CRIT rate and SPD of enemies
  • A.O.M. – Give all AOM Participants Drain
  • AB I – DMG, Seal Ability
  • AB II – DMG, Absorbs HP
  • Ability III – Low chance to inflict stop

She is not good in our opinion. There are better attackers in the game than Vanessa(Valentine).

Chocolate Event

5-Star limit limited relic; Sworn Circlet is now available in event exchnage shop. Complete the event quests, earn event points and exchnage for the 5-star relic or phantom sheets.

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So this would be all in this post on Black Clover Phantom Knights Update(5th Feb).

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