Caravan War, A New Strategy Game For Android Available In Beta Program

Caravan War Is A New Strategy Game For Android Like Clash Of Clans Available In Beta Program Of Play StoreCaravan War

In Caravan War, You Build Your Empire With Lots Of Resources Like Headquarters, Tavern, Workshop Etc. And Defend It With Your Army.

Graphics Of This Game Are Good. At Starting, You Learn About This Game With A Quick Tutorial. In The Beginning, You Start Building Workshop, Finish Off Construction With Gems.

You Will Get 100 Gems At Starting Which You Can Use To Complete Work In A Click. At The Beginning, Two Troops – Marauder, Archer Are Unlocked And Can Be Used For Attack.

Caravan WarTo Attack, You Have To Deploy Archers Or Marauder At Right Place. When Enemies Come Near, Your Troops Will Start Attacking On Them.

There Are Variety Of Resources You Have To Build Like –¬†Workshop, Garage, Bandit Camp –

Bandit camp is home to all outlaws and criminals unwanted by the society. This building brings about various operations of the marauders, bandits.
can be upgraded to boost power to all brigand like units


draft new blood into the army, garage – home to all newly assembled carts and wagons used to transport goods. Achieving higher level unlocks new vehicles


Trains caravan basic field and battle skills


The mill produces goods, then packages them into cargo for trading

Other Resources Are – Treasury, Warehouse, Weaponsmith, And Clan Hall. Other Task You Have To Perform In This Game Is Trading.

Before Attack, You Need To Train Your Troops. For Training, You Have To Build Tavern. Upgrade Resources, Collect Loot And Expand Your Empire.

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You Can Play This Game Online As Well As Offline. In Online Mode, You Battle With Others Worldwide Or In Offline Mode, Fight Solo In An Offline Campaign Mode.

About The Game: –

Price Of The Game – Free(In-App Purchase), Size – 196 MB, Graphics – Good, Gameplay – Smooth. Developer – HIKER GAMES. Download It From Play Store. You Can Play This Android Game On PC Using One Of These Android Emulators.

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