Chrome Accessibility Tab Switcher Makes Tab Switching Easy

Get Rid Of Those Large Tabs View In Google Chrome Android By Turning On Chrome’s Experimental Accessibility Tab Switcher

Chrome Accessibility Tab Switcher

Chrome On Android By Default Shows Card Based Tabs Which Are Large As Comparison To List Based Smaller Tab Switcher.

Chrome Stable Android Latest Version Now Has Experimental Tab Switcher Feature – Called Accessibility Tab Switcher” In Chrome Flags. Head To Chrome://Flags. Find “Accessibility Tab Switcher” And Enable It.


Go To This Link In Your Google Chrome –┬áchrome://flags/#enable-accessibility-tab-switcher

Relaunch Chrome, Tap On Tab Button. Now, You Have List Tabs Which Is Smaller And Handy Than Chrome Card Based Tabs.

You Can Easily Close A Opened Tab By Swiping It Or Bring Back Closed Tab By Taping On Reopen Closed Tab.

Update Google Chrome From Google Play Store

This Feature Was Previously Available In Chrome Beta Version As An Experiment.

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