Clash Of Clans October Update Sneak Peek Thread

Clash Of Clans Next Update Is Coming In Next Week, Some Sneak Peek Updates Information Will Release Before The Update Arrive

October 2017 Update Will Be Soon Live For All.

Additional Information – Valkyries Upgrade Time(Level 6) – 14 Days, Cost – 1,50,000 Dark Elixir, Training Cost – 220 Dark Elixir

Golem Upgrade Time(Level 7) – 14 Days, Cost – 2,00,000 Dark Elixir, Training Cost – 900 Dark Elixir

Bomb Tower Level 6 Upgrade Time – 14 Days, Cost – 10,000,000 Gold

Air Sweeper Level 7 Upgrade Time – 10 Days, Cost – 9,600,000 Gold

P.E.K.K.A. level 6: adds +100 HP and +10 DPS

Other Updates –

October Update Sneak Peek – #3 Builder Base Friendly Challenges

clash of clansThis 3rd Update Is For Your Builder Base. Users Will Be Able To Challange Clanmates As You Challange Clanmates In Home Village.

Use the Friendly Challenge to improve your attack and defense strategies,

Another Update – Crushers will no longer attack units if a Wall is between them.

October Update Sneak Peek – #2 Clan Improvements

The Second Sneak Peek Update Is Now Announced. The Next Update Will Available With New Clan Experience(With A Lots Of Improvements).

Highlights – 

  • The Clan Chat Tab Will Now Show How Many Of Clanmates Are Online
  • The Friends List Denote Which Friends Are Currently Online, You Cal Also Spectate Attacks Your Friends Make Via Friend List
  • Clan Search Is Now Improved With Various Sorting Mode
  • New Friendly War Sizes – 35v35 And 45v45
  • Spectator Slots For Clan Wars Increased From 20 To 30 + Your Friends Have Extra Slots For Viewing Via Your Friend List
  • When A War Attack Is Occurring You Will Be Notified
  • Clan Badge Has Been Redesigned. Clans Will No Longer Be Able To Customize Border Of The Badge

New Clan Badge – Update sneak peek

Clan Path – 

Donated Troops Will Now Move Through This Passage Through The Woods.Update sneak peek

October Update Sneak Peek – #1 Announced Today. This Sneak Peek Update Reveals Town Hall 11 Troop & Defense Upgrades

Highlights – 

  • Golems – Can Be Upgraded To Level 7
  • Valkyries – The Wonder Woman Of Clash Of Clans Can Be Upgraded To Level 6
  • Bomb Tower – Can Be Upgraded To Level 6
  • Air Sweeper – Can Be Upgraded To Level 7
  • Walls – Town Hall Level 11 Players Will Be Able To Upgrade 25 More Wall Segments To Level 12

This Sneak Peek Update Is Only For Town Hall 11 Players. Here’s The Description About This First Sneak Peek –

Golems And Valkyrie

Dark Elixir Troops “Golems” And “Valkyrie” Level Increased To 7 And 6 Respectively. Town Hall Level 11 Players Will Be Able To Upgrade These Troops. Update sneak peek

Bomb Towers And Air Sweeper

Two Defense Units Also Gets The Update. Bomb Tower Will Now Have A Level 6 Max And Air Sweeper Can Be Upgraded To Level 7 As Well.

The Air Sweeper will have increased Push Strength and HP while the Bomb Tower will feature higher DPS and greater damage when destroyed, and of course more HP too.

Update sneak peek

A User Reply To This Update – Update Is Kinda Only For TH 11 – High-Level Players. Nothing Really For Lower Level Players. Clash Of Clans Replied – This was only the first sneak peek 😉 Stay tuned!

So, In Upcoming Sneak Peek Lower Level Players May Get Something New! Upcoming New Update Will Also Publish On This Page.

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