Clash Of Clans Update 5 Vs 5 Clan Wars Coming

clan war size 5 vs 5 clash of clan updateClash Of Clans Next Maintenance Update Will Bring New Clan War Size: 5 Vs 5 Or You Can Say It Pocket- Sized Wars. Here’s All You Need To Know

Update From C.O.C[November 14- For 15] – 5vs5 Clan War Size Is Now Live!!

If all goes well, we’ll have the 5v5 maintenance tomorrow (TBC). Unfortunately old replays will be invalidated during the break so make sure to save them today if you want to watch them later!

Today A New Update Is Announced Related To Clan Wars And For Smaller Clans/With Few Members. In Next Maintenance Update, A New Clan War Size: 5 Vs 5 Would Be Added.

Currently, There Are Seven Different Sizes Of Clan Wars, Starting From 10 Vs 10 And Can Be Increased Up To 50 Vs 50. After This Update, Clan War Size Will Start From 5 Vs 5 And Can Be Increased Up To 50 Vs 50.

The 5v5 Clan War size lets you concentrate your attack force in pocket-sized wars.

This Update Is For Both Smaller Clans And Larger Clans –

 Not only does this new Clan War size give you more options in the wars you wage, it gives Clans greater flexibility for smaller Clans, or larger Clans who like to alternate War sizes each war!

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