Disney Heroes Battle Mode By PerBlue Soft Launched On Android And iTunes

Disney Heroes Battle ModePerBlue’s new strategy game Disney Heroes Battle Mode soft launched on Google Play Store and iTunes. Here’s all you need to know about Disney Heroes Battle Mode game

In January, PerBlue announced the partnership with Disney on a new Game. And the game is now available in Google Play Store and iTunes(soft launched). Its name is Disney Heroes Battle Mode, a turn-based strategy game. Let’s see what the game offers you.

The game starts with a tutorial, you are on the battleground, fighting against enemies. In the tutorial, you learn about how to play. Basically, you just use skills to defeat the enemies. Each character in Disney Heroes Battle Mode has unique skills. You defeat the opponent team, collect rewards, upgrade characters, equip them gears, and repeat. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

Before you start the battle, you have to select your best heroes for the fight, selecting high power heroes increases the chance of getting the victory.


Disney Heroes Battle ModeAs mentioned above, it is a turn-based strategy game, the player chooses the best heroes for the fight and starts the battle. Your task is using the heroes’ skills effectively. At the last of each stage, you get the common crate. Also, see – Best offline games for Android

If you get the victory in Disney Heroes Battle Mode, your heroes will earn XPs, XP is required to level-up heroes. In the crate, you get rewards such as badges, heroes, stamina, and much more. The crates are of many types; common crate, gold crate, diamond crate

Disney Heroes Battle Mode game features stamina system, you can not play it endlessly because stamina is limited. The initial levels are quite easy but later it becomes intersting and addictive. Also, see – Top best Action games for Android

Heroes: –

Disney Heroes Battle ModeFrom The Game: – 

Use you heroes in combat or give them XP drinks to fill their XP bar. Every time their XP bat fills up they gain a new level

Collect badges from the normal campaign to fill your heroes 6 badge slots. Once full, promote your hero to a new rank to increase their attributes

Collect Hero Chips from the elite campaign. Once you have enough chips you can evolve a hero, adding another start to it. The more stars a hero has, the stronger its core slots are.

Disney Heroes Battle Mode features 15 Disney and Pixar heroes

  • Vanellope
  • Elastigirl
  • Yax
  • Frozone
  • Violet
  • Mr. Incredible
  • Nick Wilde
  • Juddy Hopps
  • Jack Jack
  • Chief Bogo
  • Finnick
  • Felix
  • and more

Heroes in Disney Heroes Battle Mode game are classified into four types; control, support, damage, and tank.

The player increases the power of these heroes by equipping them gears, upgrading their skill power using skill points, and leveling up.

You can get crates for free, but, you have to wait for hours. Also, see – Top new best Pokemon games for Android

Closing words on Disney Heroes Battle Mode

Disney Heroes Battle Mode is currently in beta on mobile devices and only available in selected countries. There’s no information about the official release and expanding soft launch. Download for Android – here(Google Play Store, you may get the error, paste the link on Google and see the cached version for more information). Download on iOS – here(iTunes).

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