Dragon Nest M Open Beta Released For Android On Google Play Store

Dragon Nest MDragon Nest M, the mobile version of Dragon Nest game has just been released for Android on Google Play Store. The open beta of Dragon Nest M is currently available in selected countries, but, you can download the Dragon Nest M APK and play it on your mobile device now

Yesterday, the open beta version of Dragon Nest M launched on Google Play Store and due to too many users logging in at the same time, the server went overloaded. However, now it’s working fine. You can now play Dragon Nest M on your Android device. The iOS version is not yet released, it’s currently under review and will available soon on App Store.

Download Dragon Nest M Now

The OBT(Open Beta Test) version is not available in all countries, but you can try it by downloading the APK file. If it’s available in your country, then download it from Google Play Store.

NameDragon Nest M
Developer Shanda
Size61 MB(Only APK), Excluding patch

⇒ Download Dragon Nest M APK(OBT) -> Here[Uploaded by officials, shared on the official FB page, tested by me, 100% safe). Enjoy!

⇒ Download – Here[Google Play Store].

APK Size – 61MB. Total Size – 1.56GB[Including patch file].


Minimum – 1 GB RAM or above. Recommended – 1.5 GB or Above.

Get Started – The Basic

Dragon Nest M is a new MMORPG for Android devices by Shanda. The player starts the game after choosing one out of 6 heroes available; Warrior, Archer, Cleric, Academic, Assassin. It’s Archer! The game features 3D graphics, PvP, Guild, lots of challenges, and much more. All you need to do is slay down the enemies in the battles.

Increase the power of your heroes, unlock new skills by leveling up the profile. The controls; You just hold down your thumb on the left screen and swipe left/right/up/down to navigate the character. At the bottom-right corner, there are combat controls; skills, attack, and more. At the top-left corner, you can track the HP, mana points and at the top-right, there is a mini-map to track enemies.

Unlock up to 70 types of unique skills, level-up, upgrade, improve your fighting skills and defeat the opponent. The best thing is “no auto-play system”. Download the game and enjoy the adventurous gameplay on your mobile screen.

NOTE: This game is in beta(Open Beta).

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