Durango: Wild Lands Will Release Globally Within The First Half Of The Year

Durango: Wild Lands Release DateNexon’s Durango: Wild Lands will release worldwide within the first half of the year. The game will be available on 20th March in three countries

Durango: Wild Lands will be available to download in Canada, Australia, and the Philippines starting March 20th, while the global launch is expected within the first half of the year. The official Facebook handle of Durango: Wild Lands posted this news today. The closed beta test for the game ended in the first month of last year. Many of us were thinking that the game will not come anymore as there was no news on the game development for the past few months.

Durango: Wild Lands

Durango: Wild Lands is a survival game just like the LDOE. However, it’s much better than the LDOE in almost all the aspects. In the game, you will gather the resources to craft weapons, tools, cloth, furniture, and much more. You can explore many places, tame dinosaurs, team-up with friends, and there are plenty of things to do. The game features a top-down perspective view, amazing graphics, and challenges, which guides the player.

All these mentioned things are based on the last year CBT version. It’s coming after a year, so there might be some new features, mechanics. If we compare the CBT version with the latest survival game LifeAfter, then we would rate LifeAfter much better. However, LifeAfter does not have taming mechanics, dinosaurs, and some more wilderness things.

The survival game genre is growing gradually; there are plenty of good survival games available for free to download; Ark Mobile. LifeAfter, LDOE, and Ares Virus. And, now it’s Durango: Wild Lands. Hopefully, it will release globally within the first half of a year.

Download Durango: Wild Lands – Here(Google Play Store), – Here(iOS App Store).

So this would be all for now. The game will release in Canada, Australia, and the Philippines this 20th. And, it will go worldwide within the first half of the year.

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