Facebook’ Face Recognition Help You To Unlock Facebook Account

Facebook Is Bringing A New Feature That Helps You To Unlock Locked Facebook Account

Facebook Face

Facebook Face Recognition Feature Helps Users To Get Back Locked Facebook Account. As You Know, If Facebook Notice Any Unusual Activity With Your Account, Your Facebook Account Will Be Lock For A While.

Unusual Activity Means – If Your Facebook Account Login From A Different Place. You Post A Photo Which Violates Facebook Policy. Randomly Sharing Of A Speicifc Post Etc.

If Facebook Lock Your Account, Then You Need To Login Back To Facebook Account. After It, You Need To Verify Ownership Of Your Account.

Verify Ownership

Temporary Lock On Your Facebook Account Will Block Access To Your Facebook Account Until You Verify Your Identity To Facebook That This Is You.

Ways To Verify Ownership Of Facebook Account

Till Now, Facebook Ask You To Identify Photos Of Your Friends To Prove That You Are You. Another Way Is To Select Activities You Have Done In Past. For Example – Facebook Will Show You A Lot Of Comments And You Have To Select Those Which You Post. Facebook May Ask You To Verify Identity By Verifying Phone Number.

Why It’s Necessary?

This Is Necessary Because To Prevent Facebook Users’ Accounts From Hackers. Temporary┬áLock To Facebook Account Prevent Hackers That Try To Look Into Your Account.

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Facebook Face Recognition

The Number Of Ways Which Facebook Provide To Get Back A Lock Account May Not Work For You Some Time. For Example – In Case, You Can’t Recieve Two-Factor Authentication SMS.

The New Facebook Face Recognition Make It Easy For People To Verify Ownership Of Facebook Account. You Will Be Able To Easily Recover Your Locked Account. This Optional Feature Is Available Only On Those Devices That You’ve Already Used To Log In.

Currently, This Feature Is In Testing Stage, If Feedback Sounds Good!! Then Facebook Will Roll Out This Feature To More Users.

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