Facebook Owned WhatsApp Blocked In China

WhatsApp Now Entirely Blocked In China By Chinese Government, Just Because Of Encryption Or Not Sharing Personal Data With Chinese Authorities?

whatsapp blocked

Recently, Chinese Messaging App “WeChat” By Tencent Confirms That It Makes All Private Users Data Available To Chinese Authorities”. While WhatsApp Use Encryption – No Third Party Can See User Message.

Facebook Owned WhatsApp Now Blocked In China Entirely. Previously, There Was Ban On Some Of Its Function Like Video Chat. Now Entire WhatsApp Service Will Not Work.

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China Already Blocking Many Popular Sites Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram And Many More Google Services. There Is A Limited Access To Websites.

There Is A Clone Of Popular Services In China. You Have WhatsApp, They Have WeChat. You Have Twitter They Have Weibo. You Have YouTube They Have Youku Tudou. You Have Google They Have Baidu. You Have Facebook They Have Renren. You Have Tinder They Have Alternative Called “Momo”. You Have Instagram They Have Meipai.

Those Who Use WhatsApp Previously Will Move To WeChat And Chinese Government Will Be Able To Collect All Data.

Facebook Quitely Launched A New App Recently In China Called Colorful Ballons. So, 1 New App Enters And 1 Existing Blocked.

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