Gmail And Inbox Will Now Convert Addresses, Contacts, And Phone Numbers Into Links

With New Update Gmail And Inbox On Android, iOS And The Web Will Begin To Convert Text To Interactive Hyperlinks When They Detect Phone Numbers, Addresses, Contacts In Emails

gmail update

This Probably The Useful Update To All Gmail And Inbox Users Whether They Use On The Web Or On Android Or On iOS. This New Update Will Save Your Time,

A Lot Of Gmail Users Often Exchange Information Like Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, And Location Address With Each Other To Set Up Meetings, Plan Events, And Introduce Colleagues. Previous To This Update, When Someone Sends You Address, Phone Numbers You Have To Copy This Information And Paste To Other Websites Or Apps. This Cost Time And For Some It’s Annoying.

Starting Today, In Gmail And Inbox When You Recieve Information Like Email Address, Phone Numbers, Or Location Address,

Gmail And Inbox Will Automatically Convert The Text To Links.

How It Works?-Easy To Understand

  1. Suppose, You Recieve Location Address, Gmail And Inbox Will Convert It To Links. Clicking On The Link Will Take You To Google Maps.
  2. When You Recieve An Email Address, Inbox And Gmail Will Convert It To Links, Clicking On It Will Compose A New Email.
  3. If You’re Using A Mobile Device, And Recieve “Phone Number” In An Email, Clicking On Phone Number Link WIll Start A Call Request, The Default Dialer App You Are update

Google Yesterday Announced This Update To Its G-Suite Blog, Starting Today Gmail And Inbox Across All Platforms i.e. Android, iOS, And The Web Convert These Texts To Links.

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This Will Save Your Time, You Get Rid Of Copy Pasting, Make Work Easy For You As Compare To Before. These Updates Start Rolling Out Today.

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