Google AdSense Publishers Facing Ads Not Showing Issues

Google AdSense Ads Not Showing On Your Site? You’re Not Alone As Many AdSense Publishers Facing This Issue

Today, Many AdSense Publishers Ads Not Showing Issue Even I Faced Today. But Now It’s Working Fine For Me And Others Too.

Starting Today, In Morning I Checked Out My AdSense Earnings And There Was No Problem. After 12 Hours, When I Open My AdSense Account Dashboard And Shocked To See There Was No Increment In Page Views And Earnings.

But If You’re Using AdSense From A Long Time Then You Know Sometimes Google AdSense Ads Data Stuck Or Freeze. This Is Natural As After Sometime Data Retrieve As It Actually.

But Today, The Problem Was New. Ads Stopped Showing On All Of My Sites. I Checked All On All Browser i.e. Opera, Firefox. Visited My Gmail Inbox, There Was No AdSense Message,

Because If I Was Violating AdSense Policies Then Google AdSense Sends Me Email About That. I Don’t Receive Any Kind Of Email.

There Is A Status Section In AdSense Where One Can Read Message And Issues Problems. But There Was Nothing.

After Searching A Lot, I Failed To Get Any Info. At Last, I Visited Google Product Forums’ AdSense Section And See There Are A Lot Of Publishers Like Me Who Facing The Same Issue.

I Also Posted My Problem, Relaxed After Seeing I’m Not Alone. After Some Time, I Create A New Ad Unit. Got The New Ad Code.

Implement On WordPress Site. But There Is Also A Blog On Blogger In Which One Can Not Replace Ad Codes At Once. Suddenly, After Implementing The New Code In My WordPress Site, My Blogger Blog Start Showing Ads As Well As AdSense Widget Also Start Showing Ads.

As New Ad Code Takes Few Time Duration To Make Ads Visible, I Removed It And Add Old Code. That’s It.

However, Many Publishers Still Facing The Issue. One Can Not Do As There Is Not Your Problem. This Is Of AdSense It Self. Wait Until They Fix This Issue. Don’t Be Sad, Have A Good Day

  1. Update- Its Seems To Be Regional Issue.

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