Google’s Safe Browsing Now Protects More Than 3 Billion Devices Worldwide

Google’s Safe Browsing Technology Now Protects More Than 3 Billion Users Worldwide, Automatically

In May 2016, Google Announced That Safe Browsing Protects More Than 2 Billion Devices Worldwide. These Numbers Are Increase To 3 Billion Devices Worldwide.

Now, With Google’s Safe Browsing Technology More Than 3 Billion Devices Surf Safe Web. Google’s Safe Browsing Technology Most Of Time Invisibly Protect You.

When You Visit A Site In Your Browser, Google’s Safe Browsing Identify Sites That Might Try To Phiss You Or Install Malware In Your Device. A Bright Red Warning You’ll See When Safe Browsing Which Is Built In Various Google Products With A Message Of “Deceptive Site Ahead”.

Google Mentioned In Its Blog Post, Safe Browsing Also Expanded To Various Google Products Like Gmail On The Web, With Play Protect Google Keeps Your Android Malware Free.

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Along With Google, Safe Browsing Also Used By Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox. If You Use Updated Version Of Chrome, Safari, And Firefox You Are Protected By Default.

Google Built Technologies To Make Its Data As Compact As Possible. Google Only Send The Information That Is More Protective To A Device. All These Safety Techniques Also Used In Desktop Browsers Too.

Safe Browsing Also Used By Web Developers, App Developers(i..e. Snapchat), Who Integrates Google’s Technique, Check URLs Before They Presented To Users.

Online Security Is Must For All Users Who Surf The Web. Many Sites On The Internet Illegally To Get Personal Info Phish You, Install Malware Or Spyware In Your Device.

To Avoid These Problems, Users Also Has To Use Safe Browser For Safe Browsing-Google Chrome, Firefox, And Safari On Desktop As Well As On Your Android Device. These Browsers Use Safe Browsing Technology Which Prevent Sites Stealing Your Personal Info.

With Google Play Protect Your Android Device Always Be Malware Free Until You Install Apps From Other Sources.[Also, See-Force Google Play Protect To Scan Apps]

Keep Your Android OS Up To Date, Keep Your Windows OS, Mac OS Up To Date. Because Update Improves Security And Provides A Safest Environment.

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