Granny 1.6 Version Update Adds Pepper Spray

Granny 1.6 Update Pepper SprayOne of the scariest mobile games, Granny, has just got an update, lets you defend against Granny when in trouble. Check out the Granny 1.6 Christmas Update

The latest version of Granny game 1.6 comes with a new item; pepper spray. Using the pepper spray on Granny keeps you safe for a few seconds. You can spray a certain number of times only. After it, the game will prompt you a message; it’s empty. You can find it on the ground floor staircase room. To open that room, you will need a remote control. You can find it in the basement, rooms, cabinets. There is no exact location.

In addition to the pepper spray item, now there is a nightmare option, a new game over scene, and Granny with the Christmas hat, a Christmas tree in the room. The update size is around 135 MB and you can get it from Google Play Store.


The old version of the game was too easy to complete as compared to the current one. In the first version, it was easy to find all the items; there were not any hidden secrets; melon, backyard, car keys, gun, weapon. Released in November 2017, Granny has crossed over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store and has over 5 million daily users(According to the last report).

In the latest version, to escape the Granny’s house, you will have to find loads of items without making any sound. She hears everything and keeps you locked in the house. No one knows who are you, why she locked you, and what’s the story, except the developer of the game. Hope we will get more good updates in next year too.

If you are new to the game, then make sure to check our walkthrough guide here.

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