Granny Game Update Brings Extreme Mode

Granny GameGranny Game, one of the best scary games/horror games gets a huge update today, now features extreme mode. Here’s all you need to know about this new Granny game update. Download the latest version here.

Hello Guys, those who have cleared all the game modes in Granny Game; a new update has been just released by DVloper for you. The new update to Granny game brings;

  • Extreme Mode

In Extreme Mode, now there is an extra lock on the main door, you have to find more objects, and the new update also brings more places to explore.

Now Granny Game features four game modes; easy, normal, hard, and extreme. At each game mode, you have to escape the house. But the difference is; Granny’s speed. In the easy mode, the speed of Granny is slow. And now in Extreme Mode, Granny moves faster than you and you can not disable the darkness mode.

Additionally, there is one more lock on the main door. So it would not be easy for you to escape the house. The three major things; speed, lock, and darkness increase the difficulty level.

Take a look at our Walkthrough – Granny Game Walkthrough and beat the granny.

For the newbies;

In this game, Granny keeps you locked in her house. At the start of the game, you find yourself in a dark room. Your objective in this game is to escape the house. The main door is locked. You have to find many types of items to unlock the main door and escape the house. The Granny hears everything, if she finds you are trying to escape, then she will kill you. However, at each room, you can hide under the bed, inside the cabinet. All you need to do is avoid Granny. The house is like a Labyrinth. There are hidden rooms, weapons, and much more you can uncover.

Download Granny Game APK for Android


⇒ Download Granny Game – Here[APK File, Manually Uploaded By Admin, 100% Safe].

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