Horror Hospital 3: Dead Way Launches On Android

Heisen Games has just expanded the Horror Hospital game series with the launch of the expansion version called Horror Hospital 3: Dead Way on Android

Horror Hospital 3: Dead WayHorror Hospital 3: Dead Way is the latest release by Heisen Games, the publisher behind Horror Hospital game series. The original version of the game has over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store, while the sequel Horror Hospital 2 was a hit, with over 10 million downloads. Although, the game’s ratings are not good because of the short gameplay and poor controls. Well, If you have played the original and sequel, then you should give it a try. Let’s see what it puts on the table!

Horror Hospital 3: Dead Way: –

Horror Hospital 3: Dead Way is a simple and short game where your goal is to fix the motorcycle and get out of the horrible place full of terrible things. In the game, you will be playing as Walter – at the start of the game, you will find yourself driving on a motorcycle. The night is pretty dark, you and Melissa(your partner) on your way to the destination – suddenly, you met an accident because of the ghost that you see while driving.

The accident damages the motorcycle. As the story ends, the game starts. You can control the character with a joystick in the bottom-left corner. Wake up Melissa and send her to the nearby shelter. After that, follow the hints; get the gun, kill the enemies, find the objects(example – toolkit), fix the motorcycle and get away from the haunted place.

The Game Overview

Well, it’s a short game and it merely takes a few minutes to complete it. The graphics, characters are OK. The game is playable; well, don’t expect quality gaming experience. There are lots of high-quality horror games such as Granny, Evil Nun are out there that you can play. The story is decent.

We would rate it 3/5.

If you are having trouble completing the game, you can watch the walkthrough of it on YouTube. The total size of the game is around 90 MB and available for free on Google Play Store. Download – Here.

So this would be all in this Horror Hospital 3: Dead Way game overview. What do you think about this game? Share your views in the comment section below.

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