ICEY, RPG Game Now Available On Android And iOS

ICEY, An Action Role Playing Game Is Now Available On Android In Google Play Store. Here’s All You Need To Know About This Awesome GameICEY

Game Info – ICEY Is A 2D Side-Scrolling Action Game, Now Available On Android And iOS.

In This Game, You Play As ICEY. ICEY Has No Memories, Past. Memories Of Her, Are Not Important. Her Existence Only Serves One Purpose To Kill Zudous.

To Kill Zudous, No Matter How Many Difficulties Or Obstacles She Will Face. ICEY Has Left The Laboratory And She Understands That As Long As She Follows The Arrow, She Will Discover Where Zudous Is Hiding.

Game Play, Controls – You Have To Follow Narrater’s Voice. Narrator Will Constantly Urge You In One Direction. On Your Way, You Will Face Many Obstacles, Difficulties.

This Game Is Full Of ActionKill Your Enemies That Try To Stop You. Controls Of This Game Are Simple To Use. Left, Right, Dodge, Attack, Jump And More.

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For ICEY, It Would Be Hard To Kill Powerful Bosses. Every Boss Has Some Special Skills, Attacks. You Need To Find Their Weak Spots And Attack Them.

Requirements To Play This Game On Android: –

RAM – 2GB Or More, Storage – 500MB. Android Version – 4.1 Or Higher.

About The Game –

Game Size – 312 MB, Graphics – Excellent, Gameplay – Smooth, Controls – Simple To Use. Price – Almost $3. This Is The Only Price You Have To Pay. No Additional In-App Purchase. Developer – X.D. Network. Download ICEY App/Game Now: Here(Google Play).

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