Ink Inc. – Tattoo Tycoon by Lion Studios Lets You Become A Tattoo Artist

Ink Inc. – Tattoo Tycoon is the latest game from Lion Studios that lets you become a tattoo artist. Find out more in this Ink Inc. -Tattoo Tycoon review

Ink Inc. - Tattoo TycoonInk Inc. – Tattoo Tycoon By Lion Studios: –

Lion Studios, a well-known developers team behind top-class casual games such as Hooked Inc, Cash, Inc., has just released another brand new casual game called Ink Inc. – Tattoo Tycoon on the mobile app store. In the game, you will take the role of a tattoo artist and design the tattoo, as described by the customer. Well, this might be boring for some players – but, it’s a good game for kids who love to draw, for tattoo lovers, and all the casual audience. As of now, Ink Inc. – Tattoo Tycoon is on the #1 rank on the iOS App Store in the casual genre.

Ink Inc. – Tattoo Tycoon Gameplay – What it Puts On The Table?

Ink Inc. - Tattoo TycoonThe game challenges you to perfectly design the tattoos as described by the customers. After you tap the start button, a customer will visit your tattoo shop and show you the tattoo design. After that, on the next screen, the game will provide you the color and other tools; ink, tattoo machine and three types of needles.

All you have to do is choose the color, equip the tattoo machine and fill the ink precisely for the perfect result. There is an undo option that you can use if something gets wrong. And, once you are done, you hit the done button to submit the result.

Depending on your work, the customer will rate you – try getting 3/3 stars at each level. If the customer gave you poor ratings, you always have the option to call him/her again and correct the mistake. On the main screen of the game, tap the book button in the bottom-right corner – there you can see all the designs that you have made so far. Also, it displays the ratings that you got from the customers for a specific design. Tap that design and try it again.

Designing The Tattoo Shop

As you earn money by designing the tattoos, you can invest in the shop upgrades. It will look good with decent accessories, decoration, tools, etc. On the home screen of the game, at the top-center, tap the shop-upgrade button.

Getting 3-Stars Is Important

Make sure that you get 3-stars at every stage because new levels only get unlocked when you have a certain amount of stars. For example – the first (15) tattoos design or customers are free. For the next phase(15-30), you will need to have at least 30-stars.

Ink Inc. – Tatto Tycoon Review –

It’s a f2p game – so no need to spend any real money. But it does have ads – annoying ads. In a short review, we would rate it 4/5 – simple & relaxing game, lots of tattoos to design or challenges, free-to-play, annoying ads, and good for kids, tattoo lovers.

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