Meta Fist – Fighting Game By Vivid Games S.A. Hits On Android

Metal Fist Fighting GameAre you looking for a new action-packed fighting game for Android? If yes, then you should play Metal Fist – Fighting Game by Vivid Games S.A., the creators of the real boxing game. Here’s all you need to know about Metal Fist game

Vivid Games S.A. has just released a brand new action-packed platformer fighting game for Android on Google Play Store and it is really awesome, you should give it a try if you love fighting games. Metal Fist game comes with simple controls, amazing graphics, lots of game modes, and many characters. Let’s take a look at Metal Fist – Fighting Game.

Gameplay – Metal Fist

Metal Fist Fighting GameThe game starts with a tutorial in which you break the door, enter the shop and fight against the enemies. Even it’s tutorial hints its action-packed gameplay. In the tutorial, you learn about the hero upgrades, chests, cards, equipment, and much more. After it, you can handle all the things manually as you want. Metal Fist game features lots of battlegrounds where you fight against enemies. Also, see – Best platformer games for Android


Metal Fist’s controls are really simple and you can easily control your character on the battleground. At the left side, there are motion controls. At the right side, there are jumping, attack, and skill options. In Metal Fist, using a perfect control row, you can activate or perform hero’s special moves. Also, see – Best offline games for Android


As mentioned above, Metal Fist features amazing graphics and awesome fighting locations. Metal Fist uses the unreal engine 4 technology that brings unique art style and cutting-edge visuals to the game.

Lots Of Heroes And Weapons

Metal Fist Fighting GameMetal Fist game is rich in terms of content; you can unlock a variety of heroes & weapons and all of these are upgradable. Weapons such as hockey, hotter wings, chili peppers, and more. These are really cool.  Also, see РAsphalt 9 Legends Coverage

Game Modes

Metal Fist features two type of game modes; solo mode and online mode. The online mode has three sub-modes: –

  1. Free-For-All – Duke it out in a three-way brawl with two other players. Engage in strategic battle, let your opponents eliminate each other, or team up with one of your styles. It’s all up to you.[FROM THE METAL FIST GAME].
  2. Tage Battle Mode – Assemble a squad of three heroes to face your opponent’s squad. Your first here starts in the field while the other two wait in reserve. Press the tag button at any time to change your hero in the field.
  3. 1-On-1 – The classic one-on-one fight, where legends are made. Just you, your opponent, and the battlefield. No tricks, no gimmicks, final destination.

In Solo mode of Metal Fist – Fighting game, you complete stages and defeat the boss after clearing a set of levels. You just have to select your hero and the equipment and start fighting. Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

In-Game Currency

  1. Coins – In Metal Fist, coins used in upgrading heroes and equipment
  2. Zaps РZaps is one of the valuable items in metal fist game. It is limited and used in completing things fast.

IAPs – $1 to $60(approx.)

About Metal Fist – Fighting Game

NameMetal Fist - Fighting Game
Game Size155MB
DeveloperVivid Games S.A.

Download Metal Fist Fighting Game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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