Rangers Of Oblivion Open Beta Test Starts On December 10th

Rangers Of OblivionRangers Of Oblivion is a brand new RPG in which you hunt the monsters to establish peace on the land of Malheim. Rangers Of Oblivion is now available to pre-register. The open beta test will begin on December 10th

Update – Today is the date of OBT release. It will be available to download in selected countries: – Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. Play Store Link – Here(Google Play Store). iOS version will be published on App Store in a few days as soon as App Store approves. APKPure Link – Here(Link To APKPure). Thanks!

GTarcade, the creators of Era of Celestials game has just announced the OBT for their new RPG game Rangers Of Oblivion. The CE test has been over and they will release the open beta version on Google Play Store and App Store on December 10th. If you love hack & slash or monster hunting games, you will enjoy it a lot.

Rangers Of Oblivion Pre-Register Now!

If you want free goodies at the time of launch, then make sure to pre-register for it on their website. You can obtain in-game items such as hunting voucher pack, bag extension pack, and sliver as a pre-registration reward.

About The Game

In the game, you play as a ranger and slay down the monsters to save the land of Malheim. You can either go alone or team up with fellow rangers to strike down the evil monsters disturbing the normal life of humans. It’s not an open world RPG, but there are a variety of locations where you will visit and hunt the waves of beasts, monsters, and face ruthless challenges.

  • Type – Online
  • Genre: – Action
  • Total Size It Takes – Over 2GB

Rangers Of Oblivion features insane graphics that makes the hunting gameplay better and engaging. It features six unique weapon types for the player for the monster hunting; Twin Blades, Greatsword, Lance, Longbow, Gauntlets, and the Staff. Each weapon lets you try a different skill set and provide different stats.


The auto-play is a handy feature in the game as it helps you in completing the quests. In most of the quests, you will move to new locations to interact with the NPC characters. And, it’s up to you. You can explore manually or use the auto-mode to complete the tasks.


The combat is also fun and engaging. The controls are same as other action games. Use the joystick to control the character, use the basic weapon attack to keep dealing damage to the enemies, unleash the weapon skill at the right time, dodge to save HP.

As a victory reward, you will get items, use these items to strengthen the character. So that’s all for now as GTarcade’s 3D action game Rangers Of Oblivion OBT. It will begin on December 10th. The official release date of Rangers Of Oblivion has not announced yet.

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