RCB Epic Cricket Game Launches With IPL Championship Trophy 2018 Mode

IPL Cricket Game RCB Epic CricketIpl 2018 is going to start from April 7, 2018. If you are a fan of RCB team, then here is a good news for you, Nazara Games has recently published their new IPL Cricket Game for Android on Google Play Store. Here’s all you need to know about RCB Epic Cricket Game

Nazara Games, Indian Gaming Studio has recently released a new cricket game for Android RCB Epick Cricket. As all of you know that IPL 2018 season is starting from April 2018 and as expected, we have got the updated IPL game from Nazara games. Let’s check out what inside this new cricket game. RCP Epic Cricket Game Overview!

RCB Epic Cricket

As it is made only for RCB fans, you can not select any other team. It comes with three different game modes; hot events, tournaments, and multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode is currently not available, we will get it soon before IPL 2018 season.

The Tournament mode can be played offline, you play only as RCB team and the goal is to win IPL Championship Trophy 2018 by defeating other IPL teams in this season.

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Before you start the match, you can adjust some sort of settings; overs, difficulty, batting mode or full match. You can choose five over match, ten over and twenty over match to play. Difficulty mode can be adjusted; easy, medium, hard. There are two modes; batting and full match. If you choose the batting mode, then you don’t need to bowl. Under full match mode, you can bat as well as bowl.

It also features hot events mode, you need an active internet connection to play it. Under this game mode, you play against other teams and compete with other players for the top rank.

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RCB Epic Cricket game comes with the latest content; IPL 2018 season and that’s really good.

RCB Epic Cricket Gameplay

IPL Cricket Game RCB Epic CricketBefore you start the match, go to the settings and there you can choose the graphics; low, medium or high, set it according to your device performance. You can also change controls; it comes with basic controls and pro controls. You can turn it off or on under the settings.

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If you turn pro controls on, you can adjust shots; loft or defense.While in basic controls, it would be automatic. You just swipe on the screen to play the shot; you can play almost every type of shot in this IPL cricket game; uppercut, reverse sweep, glance, and many more.

A Quick Overview

RCB Epic Cricket is a fun cricket game, it does not have all type of game modes, but still, it is worth playing. Animations are great, you get a variety of shots to play, IPL Cricket 2018 season modes, and what you need more! It is a perfect game, can be played easily, hit sixes and fours and win the IPL 2018 season. Download RCB Epic Cricket game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top best cricket games for Android

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