Real Cricket 20 – Release Date, News, Official Trailer

Real Cricket 20 is going to be released in February 2020. Check out the complete coverage of Real Cricket 20 here – news, release date, the official trailerReal Cricket 20

Nautilus Mobile is all set to release the Real Cricket 20 – the 2020th Edition in Real Cricket game series in February. The official trailer was released on YouTube – on January 13, 2020. And, the game will be available next month. Like last year, we are going to provide all the coverage related to Real Cricket 20 in this post. Any new news will be updated here. Let’s get started with the trailer breakdown!

Real Cricket 20 Release Date: –

February 2020.

Real Cricket 20 News: –

January 13, 2020 – Nautilus Mobile has just published the trailer on YouTube that sneak peeks all the upcoming exciting features of the game. The trailer reveals five exciting features including PvP cricket matches, co-op mode, spectator mode, female commentary, and world test championship mode. Additionally, Real Cricket 20 is packed with new stadiums, T20 Premier league, and bowling actions.

What Is The New 2v2 PvP Game Mode?

As per the trailer, you will be able to team up with one player(your friend) and clash with another 2 player team in the real-time cricket match. Internet connection will be required to play this mode.

What Is The Co-Op Mode?

In this mode, you can team-up with your friend and clash with an A.I. Unlike the 2v2 mode, where you play with real players, the co-op mode lets you clash against the AI. So it’s another PvE mode.

What Is The New Spectator Mode?

This new function allows the player to broadcast and watch their gameplay – you will be able to broadcast the gameplay and other players will be able to spectate it in real-time – as shown in the trailer.

Other Stuff: –

  • Female Cricket Commentary
  • T20 Premier League
  • World Test Championship Mode
  • New Bowling Actions
  • New Stadiums

The trailer didn’t reveal too much information – like the in-game currency, will there be an offline mode? customization options, etc. The only thing that we can say is that the developers have focused on the multiplayer modes. Since it’s just a trailer – and, that too with little information or we could say – no excitement trailer, it’s hard to imagine or say anything about the whole game. Wait for the release, keep checking here for updates.

So this would be all in this article on Real Cricket 20 release date, news, and updates.

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