Rise Of Civilizations Halloween Update Is Now Live

Rise Of Civilizations Halloween update has finally arrived and with the Halloween theme. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest update

The latest update to the game has just been pushed to all the players. If you open the game, you can directly enroll yourself in the latest update by downloading the 33 MB update or update from Google Play Store. The new update brings fifth skill for commanders(epic & legendary grade), alliance shop, VIP shop, Halloween theme, and a brand new event named Karuak¬†Ceremony. Among all these updates, three main highlights are alliance shop, the new event, and the fifth skill for the commander. The 5th skill is named as Expertise skill which can increase the commander’s buff. Let’s learn about all.

Alliance Shop Is Now Live In RoC

Rise of Civilizations Halloween UpdateWhen you donate in the alliance or participate in the alliance activities, you earn alliance credits. Now you can spend these credits in the alliance shop for speed-ups, boosters, resources, “VIP Points”, teleport item, Governor Rename card, “TALENT RESET”(My Favorite), and the silver key.

But there is a catch: You will have to spend multiple times(Only for alliance owners). Go to the alliance menu -> alliance shop -> this will open the alliance inventory. By default, it would be empty. To add the items to this inventory, go to the 2nd tab(side menu) -> there you can purchase items. Once done, that item will be added to the inventory. From there you and alliance members will be able to purchase.

5th Skill For Commanders In Rise Of Civilizations

If you have epic or legendary commanders in the city, then you can increase their power or buff bonus by activating the Expertise skill. You can unlock this skill by upgrading rest skills to level 5.

VIP Shop Or VIP Store

In your city, now there should be a new building named VIP store of VIP Shop. From there, you can purchase premium items in exchange for gems. Premium items such as Arrow Of Resistance, Governor Rename Card, VIP Points, and more.

Karuk Ceremony Is Now Live

Rise Of Civilizations Halloween UpdateThe brand new event in Rise Of Civilizations, Karuk Ceremony is now live. You can start or participate in the event by tapping the event icon(Notes) at the top-right corner of the screen.

First, you choose the difficulty; easy, hard, hell, nightmare, and more.¬† After it, you start the battle against Kakaru’s army level wise. You can attack individually or use rally feature. On the basis of performance in this event, the player gets the reward. Especially, the title – ” Kau Karuak”.

Playing in the event will cost you Action Points. And as you clear more levels, the difficulty level will increase. As per our details, there are 100 levels. On the event screen, tap the Occult Treasure option to see the list of rewards. You should participate in this event if you want juicy rewards.

The update has also added new decoration items; gold brick roads, lantern. And a new Halloween event is also there; you can earn Halloween items.

So that’s all for now. Stay tuned with us on latest RoC updates. Make sure to check our guide, tips & more details on our site. HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS!

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