Rise Of Civilizations 1.0.11: Talent Tree 2.0 Update Is Now Live

The latest talent tree 2.0 update for Rise Of Civilizations has just been pushed to all the players worldwide by RoC developers today

RoC group announced the talent tree 2.0 update on 7th November and now it’s officially live. The update impacts three sides; Commander Talent Tree, alliance, and the events. And one of the main highlighted change is in the talent tree. It’s now completely revamped. However, some buffs are now unbalanced. Let’s dive in!


Previously, it was difficult for beginners to figure out how this works and how to spend the talent points wisely. The new update has revamped the talent tree and it’s easy for the players to figure out the right build path for the commanders. You will get the talent points back(all the commanders). The new talent tree looks like this: –Rise Of Civilizations Talent Tree 2.0

As per the announcement, you will also get talent reset items for free. Looks like we have to wait a bit as the maintenance has ended a few minutes ago. You can use this item in resetting the talent tree(to try out the new system).

Update: We have just received 5 talent resets, the tome of knowledge, 300 gems, and sculpture. Check your inbox.

As we mentioned in our guide, you have to spend the talent points on the basis of their specialty and how you want to use them. There would be three paths for each commander in the talent tree. For example; a commander can be specialized in three traits; gathering, support, and balance. Since you have limited talent points, you should spend wisely. If you want to make that commander a gatherer(to increase gathering speed), then spend the points on gathering path.

If you are still in confusion; then ask yourself how you want to use that commander; as an attacker, nuker, gatherer, or more. And spend talent points according to it. We have explained all the details(commander’s talents) in our guide.


If you are a leader of an alliance, now you can build an alliance resource center for the members, allowing them to gather the resources they require without any disturbance. Head to the alliance menu -> territory -> alliance resource center. You must meet the minimum requirement to build these facilities.

In addition to it, you will also receive an alliance report(inactive members). And now alliance members cannot build alliance flags.

Apart from all these updates, from newly introduced events, you can win decorative structures.

Gathering speed has been reduced 🙁

So that’s for all as Rise Of Civilizations 1.0.11 update. What do you think about the new update? Let us know in comments.

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2 thoughts on “Rise Of Civilizations 1.0.11: Talent Tree 2.0 Update Is Now Live”

  1. Hey so after I got this update I can’t get back in and it’s really annoying bc I’ve put $30 in your game for me not to be able to get it. What happens is my loading bar gets to 90-is how and the loading bar disappears then re-appears with it back at 0 or will load to 100 and show my base for about 3 sec and it’s way zoomed out and crashes or tells me error: clear all data or login failed

    • Sorry to hear that you are having the problem in logging in after the update. You can contact the developers of the game at the Facebook page; Rise Of Civilizations