RO: Click H5 By Gravity Co., Ltd. Launches On Android and iOS

RO: Click H5 is the brand new Idle game for Ragnarok game lovers. Gravity Co., Ltd. has just released RO: Click H5 on Android and iOS

RO: Click H5 By Gravity Co., Ltd.Gravity Co., Ltd., the publisher behind RO: Idle Poring game, has just released another brand new game called RO: Click H5 on iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store. In, Ragnarok: Click H5, you build the team of adventurers and hunt the monsters – there are lots of monsters and their boss to hunt. And, as the game name suggests, it’s an ultimate clicker. Read on and find out all about RO: Click H5 game.

RO: Click H5 by Gravity Co., Ltd.: –

RO: Click H5 is an online Idle RPG. The player needs an active internet connection to play the game. It offers idle game mechanics where the characters or adventurers fight/hunt the monsters automatically. The player’s task is to increase the DPS so that the boss can be defeated. You can buy adventurers with Emperium, upgrade the adventurers with Zeny. As a pre-registration reward, the game gives hundreds of Emperium for free. So if you pre-registered the game, make sure to claim the rewards in the mailbox.

The gameplay is pretty simple; click to inflict damage, unlock and upgrade adventurers. Clear the stages, hunt the boss, and progress further to unlock new features such as cards, equipment.

The game is monetized through ads and IAPs. You can watch the video ads for skills, income booster or other temporary benefits. It also features a prestige system where you can rebirth and start over. The initial rebirth requirement is reaching valkyrie level 150.

Everything is good except the thing that it takes too much time to upgrade(After you hit the upgrade button, it gets stuck on the loading bar). If you have got the coupons, you can claim them in the settings.

Overall, it’s a pretty good game with lots of challenging stages, missions, guild, prestige, and many more things. If you love playing Idle games, then you should give it a shot.

  • Download RO: Click H5 On Android – Here(Google Play Store)
  • Download RO: Click H5 On iOS – Here(iOS App Store)

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