Shadow Seven, A Turn-Based Strategy Game Releases On Google Play Store And iOS App Store

Neptune Company has just released a brand new turn-based strategy battle game called Shadow Seven for Android and iOS. Here’s the Shadow Seven game overviewShadow Seven Game

Neptune Company, the publisher of cute panda(Sichuan) game, has just published a turn-based strategy game, Shadow Seven, on mobile app stores. The game is packed with seven commanders or leaders; known as captain and over 35 characters; rare, epic, legendary, common. In the game, you build a deck consists of a captain, mercenaries, and spells to fight enemies in PvE and PvP game modes. Let’s have a look at our Shadow Seven Game Overview.

About Shadow Seven: –

Shadow Seven game features the turn-based strategy battles where you fight the enemy captain and his mercenary team on the chess-board like battlefield. You will start your journey from the story mode; which is the PvE game mode. It’s quite easy to learn the basics of the game – thanks to the well-featured tutorial for the beginners. Your goal in the battles is to defeat the enemy captain as soon as possible. However, it would not be easy because the captain would be protected by his mercenaries.Shadow Seven Game

Your job is to guide the mercenaries(your team characters) and the captain to kill the enemy captain as soon as possible. As mentioned above, it’s easy to play battles. All you have to do is tap the mercenary icon on the board and then the game displays the slots where you can move him/her or if the enemy is in range, you can release an attack. Isn’t it pretty simple?

Although, there are lots of strategies involved in the battle; like using the spells, buffs, enemy and mercenary strength/weaknesses, which you learn eventually as you progress through the story mode battles.

The victory gives you player XP, which increases the level. Leveling up unlocks new game modes like PvP, Saga; character saga, costume saga, event saga, etc.

Is There Auto Battle Mode Available?

Yes, there is an auto-battle mode available for the players. You can turn it on to make all the actions performed by the AI. However, in the close battles, this function would not help you because it does not guide your mercenaries strategically.

In-Game Currencies: –

The premium in-game currency is the gem that you can use for gacha; to obtain characters/mercenaries. You can get gems for free by watching the video Ads, from daily spin, missions, and other achievements. Also, by spending real money. Other in-game currencies are basic promotion stone, upgrade stone, advanced promotion stone, smelting stone, deco ticket, guild coin that you can acquire by playing the game.

Download Shadow Seven: –

So this would be all in this Shadow Seven game overview. Share your opinions on the game in the comment section below.

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