Shatterbrain Is A New Physics Puzzles Game From The Makers Of Brain It On

Shatterbrain Physics PuzzlesOrbital Nine Games, the creators of Brain It On game has released another physics puzzle game for Android on Google Play Store “Shatterbrain”. Here’s all you need to know about Shatterbrain – Physics Puzzles game

All of you know about Brain It On – Physic Puzzles game in which you draw shapes and solve challenging physics puzzles. The game crossed over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and has 4.5 rating. The creators of that game have released a new physics puzzles game called “Shatterbrain – Physics Puzzles”.

Like Brain It On, in this game too, the player has to draw shapes to solve puzzles. Shatterbrain comes with hundreds of challenging physics puzzles and it would be hard to get three stars at every stage.

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At each stage of Shatterbrain, you will have to solve a unique puzzle by drawing the shape. Rules are simple, you just draw shapes to destroy all the objects on your screen. In some levels, you are bound to touch the black objects. It means the shape drawn by you should not touch that object.

Three Stars

Getting three stars in Shatterbrain is a difficult task, but you have to achieve it to unlock next levels. To get three stars in Shatterbrain, the player has to solve the puzzle in minimum turns. That’s the challenge and it makes the game more challenging and addictive.

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To unlock next levels, you have to complete the minimum requirements of stars. For instance, to unlock level 19 – level 27, you need 54 stars. So go back and play again.

Multiple solutions

It is obvious that you have to use your brain, because, it is a puzzle game. Take a look at the picture below, there are yellow and black objects on your screen. Your task is to destroy yellow shapes by drawing the shape on your screen and it should not touch the black shape. It can be solved by drawing a sliding shape. Shatterbrain Physics Puzzles

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Similarly, in below picture, there are circles on your screen, the black circle is covered with yellow and the task is to destroy yellow circle, but, the shape should not touch the black circle. 


In Shatterbrain, you can get hints by watching video ads. There are no free hints available, you have to watch video ads for hints. And you can also unlock the locked levels by watching video ads.

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Final Words On Shatterbrain – Physics Puzzles

Shatterbrain is really a great puzzle game and if you are looking for games like brain dots, then you should give it a shot. It is addictive, very challenging, and with lots of physics puzzles. Download – here(Google Play Store). Also, check – Top new Android games today

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