Spiritwish Is A Brand New MMORPG From Nexon, Now Out!

Spiritwish By Nexon CompanyNexon Company’s Spiritwish is now available for Android and iOS. Are you ready to embark on fairy tale adventure in this gorgeous MMORPG?

Spiritwish is the latest game title from Nexon Company, well-know for Darkness Rises. This game is like Tree Of Savior(ToS), which is available on Steam. So you may call it the mobile version of ToS! Well, the main title is not that bad! At the time of writing this post, Spiritwish is available in three regions; Philippines, Canada, and Malaysia. NA server and SEA servers are up as of now. The first entry of this game was back in late last year – around 10 months ago. At that time, it was in CBT. But now it seems that it’s getting a global release soon. Let’s talk about the Spiritwish Game!

Spiritwish By Nexon Company

If you are not a fan of auto-combat modes, then your interest in this game might fell from the sky to ground. There is an auto, semi-auto mode available – your characters can attack the foes in battles for you – automatically! “You can also control manually”.

Once you create/choose the name, you will have to select a team(3 characters) – the game also recommends you a team; Fighter, Archer, and Cleric – all these have different abilities, attack style, and stats; healing, ranged attacks, etc. – like all other games. The combat and Spiritwish Gameplay is pretty easy to understand – you tap the monster to attack, tap the NPC to interact, follow the quest-line to progress.

It’s as same as other MMORPGs – but with different characters, graphics, open-world maps, etc. Defeat the monsters, earn EXP, level up, acquire gold, resources, and power-up the characters to slay down the powerful bosses in dungeons. The game also offers horizontal mode and vertical mode – the horizontal mode is best for the combat, while the vertical mode is good when chatting with NPCs.

Well, you can not defeat those punky monsters with useless gears, hopeless and weak characters 🙁 You will have to raise their attack power, skills, gears if you want victory over the bosses. You can enhance, level up, upgrade the gears to improve characters’ power rating.

Spiritwish also features a variety of game modes where you can farm precious items to power-up the team; daily dungeon, challenges, Co-Op raids, etc.

There is also a premium – VIP like feature that a player can avail for premium benefits. Have you tried the game yet? What do you think? Is it good, bad or OK? Is it P2W or F2P? Share your thoughts or reviews on Spiritwish game in the comment section below. Here are the download links: –

Spiritwish on Play Store – Download. Spiritwish on App Store – Download .

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