State of Survival Update v1.6.70 – New Valentine HQ Skin, Event

State of Survival v1.6.70 has just been released on Android & iOS. The latest State of Survival update has added Valentine’s Day HQ Skin and Events

State of Survival UpdatesThe Valentine update is now live in the State of Survival game. The survivors can not participate in the brand new Valentine event called Romantic Voyage and earn event-exclusive Valentine’s Day HQ Skin. During the event, you have to complete certain tasks and the game will give you task points + the reward for completing the tasks. This event will last for 4 days – at each day of this event, you will get certain tasks to complete. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the info on the State of Survival Update v1.6.70.

State of Survival Updates:

v1.6.70 – Valentine Event and Update is now live in the State of Survival game. Tap the events button in the top-right corner -> tap Romantic Voyage -> there you can check the tasks to complete for the task points and the rewards. The rewards include: –

  • Epic Search Map item x1 – 5 Pts
  • 3Hours Speed-Up item – 15 Pts
  • Epic Hero Fragments – 25 Pts
  • Valentine’s HQ Skin – 35 Pts
  • Legendary Skill Book x10 – 45 Pts
  • Free 1K Biocaps – 45 Pts

How to earn points?

Complete the tasks stated on the event screen; includes login-reward, consume stamina, kill infected, etc.

Event Duration – 7th Feb in State 1, 12th Feb in other States. 3 DAYS Event.

What Is HQ Skin and How To Use It?

If you have got Valentine’s Day HQ Skin, then you can switch to it from the settlement. Tap the HQ -> Skins -> go the HQ tab on the left side menu list -> choose Valentine’s HQ -> Activate. It increases the troop attack by 2.00%. The default skin does not grant any special buff like the event frames. For example – this event’s Valentine’s Day HQ Skin gives a 2.00% troop attack buff.

So make sure to complete all the tasks within the event duration and claim all the rewards. You may also like: –

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