Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide

Read on for Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide.

Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide
Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide

Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide: How To Obtain Segunda Etapa

To attain your Segunda Etapa, you must triumph over the Hollow Prince within his own realm.

Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide: Requirements To Meet To Fight Hollow Prince

To engage in a battle against the Hollow Prince and consequently unlock your Segunda Etapa form, you must meet the following prerequisites:

1. Reach at least Level 90.
2. Accumulate a total of 420 “Points,” which can only be acquired after reaching Level 85.

You can obtain these points through the following means:

– Successfully completing a Time Gate rewards you with 75 points.
– Engaging in battles against Time Bubble bosses awards 1 point for each percentage of the boss’s health that you deplete.
– For each Storm Vastocar, you will earn 10 points if you contribute the majority of the damage (at least 60%); an indicator will appear if you receive credit for the damage.

Meeting these requirements will grant you the opportunity to confront the Hollow Prince and unlock your Segunda Etapa transformation.

Once you’ve successfully met all the specified prerequisites, your next step is to head to the Menos Forest. There, you’ll need to locate a dilapidated structure. Inside this building, you’ll find a hole situated at its center. This is the entry point for your journey into the Hunt, where you can fully engage in the challenge after completing all the necessary conditions.

To trigger your Segunda Etapa, follow these steps:

1. Activate your Ressureccion.
2. Press the ‘G’ key when the bar on the right side of your screen is completely filled.

This enhanced form has a time limit of 33 seconds initially, which can be extended to a maximum of 190 seconds. You can enhance its duration by consistent practice, either by using the form frequently or by sparring with your Bankai spirit within your Inner World.

Upon defeating the boss, you immediately gain access to Segunda Etapa moves. To upgrade these moves, you have two methods:

1. Defeat your Inner Spirit by meditating (press ‘N’).
2. Use the Segunda Etapa mode frequently.

Each Segunda mode provides distinct advantages, which are detailed in separate tabs for each mode.

Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide: Hollow Prince Battle

When a player reaches level 90 and ventures into the Menos Forest, their attention should be drawn to a dilapidated building. Inside, a central hole beckons them. Upon entering, an encounter awaits with none other than the Hollow Prince himself, offering a choice to engage in combat. This showdown is designed to ensure the player’s sustenance, eliminating the need for constant food gathering.

Here’s a breakdown of the phases within this challenging battle:

**Phase 1:**
The Hollow Prince springs into action, launching an assault against the player. Once the player inflicts a portion of the Prince’s health in damage, he retreats, summoning his minions to confront the player.

**Phase 2:**
Two ancient Adjuchas are unleashed by the Hollow Prince. These formidable foes surpass the strength of typical Hueco Mundo Adjuchas. The player won’t receive any health restoration until both Adjuchas are defeated.

**Phase 3:**
The Hollow Prince returns, this time showcasing an expanded skillset. The player must once again inflict a significant portion of his health to force the Prince to withdraw, leaving his minions to carry on the fight.

**Phase 4:**
An Arrancar is dispatched by the Hollow Prince. This Arrancar employs the “Manifest” resurrection when engaging the player. Upon reaching half of their health, the Arrancar triggers their Segunda, regenerating back to nearly full health. A relentless duel ensues until another adversary emerges.

**Phase 5:**
A new Arrancar enters the fray, harnessing the “Acceleration” resurrection. The player must replicate their previous strategy, accounting for the Segunda ability of this Arrancar. After overcoming this challenge, the Hollow Prince himself returns to settle the score.

**Phase 6:**
The Hollow Prince resurfaces for a final confrontation. The player’s objective now shifts to vanquishing him. This time, the Prince boasts an even wider array of potent moves, demanding vigilant awareness from the player. The ultimate triumph over the Hollow Prince marks the climax of the battle.

As the Hollow Prince falls, the player is transported out of the Abyss, having unlocked a newfound might that sends tremors through the world. This proclamation of ultimate power echoes through the realm, signifying the conquest of the hunt.

“Unveiled truth, realized might. Let the world shudder and quake. Boundless power, the hunt is vanquished.”

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