Easter Axolotl Value Pet Sim X [Updated]

Read on for Easter Axolotl Value. Pet Sim X Easter Axolotl Value.

Easter Axolotl Value Pet Sim X
Easter Axolotl Value Pet Sim X

Easter Axolotl Value [Pet Sim X]

  • Easter Axolotl Normal Value: 800,000
  • Easter Axolotl Golden Value: 4,000,000
  • Easter Axolotl Rainbow Value: 16,000,000
  • Easter Axolotl Dark Matter Value: 58,000,000
  • Easter Axolotl Shiny Value: 
  • Easter Axolotl Shiny Golden Value: 
  • Easter Axolotl Shiny Rainbow Value: 
  • Easter Axolotl Normal Value[Gems]:
  • Easter Axolotl Golden Value[Gems]:
  • Easter Axolotl Rainbow Value[Gems]:
  • Easter Axolotl Dark Matter Value[Gems]:

How To Get Easter Axolotl In PSX?

You can get the Easter Axolotl during the Easter event, from an Easter event egg.

When Did Devs Introduce Easter Axolotl In PSX?

Easter Axolotl pet was added to Pet Simulator X on April 8th, 2023. 

Rarities In Pet Simulator X

Pets in Pet Simulator X are classified into multiple grades, the highest being the Shiny grade. These rarities are normal, golden, rainbow, dark matter, and shiny. Normal pets have the lowest value in all the rarities. We will try our best to keep the Easter Axolotl value updated. Do not sell your pets for cheaper. Always check the value list and then trade the pets. 

NOTE: the value of the pets changes; it may increase or decrease. Please check our Pet Sim X Value List for updated values of the pets.

What Does Pet & Gem Value refer to?

Pets have two primary values, namely Pet Value and Gem Value. The former denotes the total worth of the pet in diamonds when trading with other pets, while the latter represents its worth in gems if traded only for those. Additionally, pets come in various rarities, including Normal (N), Golden (G), Rainbow (R), Dark Matter (DM), and Shiny (S).

Conclusion: Easter Axolotl Value

Above, we have provided information about the Pet Simulator X Easter Axolotl Value, which is one of the pets that players can obtain in the game. It is essential to note that if a player intends to trade their Easter Axolotl pet, they must trade it at its current market value, which is determined by various factors, including supply and demand. It is important to keep in mind that the Easter Axolotl Value is not static and may fluctuate over time.

Therefore, to ensure that players receive fair and accurate trades, we will endeavor to update the Easter Axolotl Value regularly to reflect the current state of the game. By doing so, we aim to provide players with reliable information that can help them make informed decisions when trading their pets.

Introduction To PSX Roblox

Pet Simulator X, also known as PSX, is a widely popular collection game on the platform Roblox. The objective of this game is to collect an array of treasures such as coins, gems, and other valuable items.

The game boasts a vast and vibrant open world with multiple zones for players to explore and interact with fellow players. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game is the ability to hatch eggs to acquire new pets, each with its own unique abilities. The ultimate aim of the game is to become the top pet collector by acquiring the rarest and strongest pets available.

If you’re looking for the Easter Axolotl pet value, we have shared it above.

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