Rose Egg Location In Pet Simulator X[PSX]

Wondering how to get Ross Egg in Pet Simulator X? Here’s everything you need to know about PSX Ross Egg – the secret area where you can find this egg!

Rose Egg Location In Pet Simulator X[PSX]

Ross Egg is located in a secret area. The secret area is behind the waterfall, which is located in Valentine’s Event location. First, from the Spawn area, head to Valentine’s Event area. 

Rose Egg Location In Pet Simulator X[PSX]

Go Upstairs. You will find a waterfall in the corner. Navigate your character to there, and behind the waterfall, you will find a locked area, which unlocks after you complete a certain number of quests;

  • Break X200 Heart Piles
  • Break X100 Heart Present Piles
  • Hatch X300 Valentine’s Day Pets
  • Etc.

Once you have completed the quests, the door will open, and you will be able to go inside the secret area. Look around and you will find the Ross Egg.

What’s inside the Ross Egg?

The Ross Egg features Daycare Update exclusive pets like Love Lamb, and Huge Love Lamb

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The Ross Egg was added on February 18th, 2023. Devs release an update every Saturday. February 18th, 2023, was the day when the Daycare update was released. In this update, devs added the Ross Egg featuring a huge pet, Heart Chest, and much more. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Pet Simulator X Ross Egg – an exclusive egg hidden in the secret area, obtainable during the Valentine period. 

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