Pipe Infectors – Pipe Puzzle, A New Simple Yet Challenging Puzzle Game

Pipe Infectors - Pipe PuzzleDescription – Dodisoft’s Pipe Infectorss – Pipe Puzzle game, a little bit similar to Plumber puzzle game is very addictive and challenging. Cool concept and awesome addictive gameplay that tests your brain

Brain-teasing games are one of the best addictive games and it does not matter what’s the platform. On Android, tons of puzzle games daily published by small and big Android developers on Google Play Store. If you have ever played “Plumber” (the puzzle game in which you save the flower by connecting pipeline), then you should play “Pipe Infectors – Pipe Puzzle game”.

Pipe Infectors - Pipe PuzzleIn the game, your job is to navigate the infector force created by a devilish plumber master. You have to direct them to infect as many people as possible in each building and help them to go back to the sewage again after finishing their jobs.

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What’s the story – Devil plumber decided to take the revenge of all work-mates in the world. He educated his infector force to infect his naughty clients by infiltrating to the clean water line via joints.

Gameplay – Pipe Infectors – Pipe Puzzle

Pipe Infectors - Pipe PuzzleAs mentioned above, you direct the infector force from starting and after the job is complete, you help them to go back to the sewage again. There should be no leakage of infector force. You have to rotate the pipe parts and create a right path to naughty clients’ rooms.

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However, it would not be easy because of levels are very challenging, fast-paced gameplay. Can you unlock all infectors? Spread infection in 230+ building puzzle in 5 districts.


Boosters such as auto-solver, show hints, time freezer, slow motion, and much more are present to help you to win more levels. You can get these boosters by spending coins.

Closing words on Pipe Infectors – Pipe Puzzle

Pipe infectors is a simple yet challenging game and a must try for puzzle game lovers. Are you ready to spread infection in districts? Download Pipe Infectors – Pipe Puzzle – here[Google Play Store].

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