Revived Witch Goorveig Wiki Guide

Goorveig is one of the UR-grade characters in the Revived Witch game. Read on for Revived Witch Goorveig; get to know her strengths, skill details, and more. 

Revived Witch Goorveig Guide

Revived Witch Goorveig Wiki Guide⇓

  • Name: Goorveig
  • Grade: UR
  • Title: Sacrifice To The Abyss
  • Class: Compeller
  • Mercury
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: N/A
  • Birthday: N/A
  • Height: 163 CM
  • Weight: N/A
  • Hobby: Taboo

Revived Witch Goorveig⇓

Goorveig is known for her magic skill kit. Thanks to that, Goorveig can heal allies, inflict magic DMG to all the enemies, and can also increase the health/ATK of Creature of the Abyss. Below we have explained all the skill details!

Revived Witch Goorveig Skills⇓

Revived Witch Goorveig has three skills; Ritual, Aura of the Abyss, and Call of the Abyss. In this part, we are going to explain all these skills; 

Ritual Skill⇓

With this skill, Goorveig generates X2 chaos energy and heals the friendly units or heals all allies. Also, Goorveig inflicts magic DMG on all the enemies. 

  • Goorveig generates X2 Chaos Energy, restores the health/heal all allies for 240% of Goorveig’s ATK, and inflicts Magic DMG equal to 300% of Goorveig’s ATK to all enemies.

Aura of the Abyss Skill⇓

With this skill, Goorveig transforms into a creature of the abyss, inflicting magic DMG to all enemies and increasing the DMG they receive. 

  • Goorveig transforms into a Creature of the Abyss, inflicting Magic DMG equal to 200% of ATK to all foes and increasing their Magic DMG received by 40% for 10s (Creature of the Abyss inherits 150% of Goorveig’s max Health and ATK, and heals all allies for 100% of Goorveig’s ATK when casting Energy Sword).

Call of the Abyss Skill⇓

Passive raises the max health and ATK of Creature of the Abyss. 

  • Raises the max Health and ATK of Creature of the Abyss by 30% each.

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So that covers the Revived Witch Goorveig Guide Wiki. 

Revived Witch Goorveig Story⇓

Backstory 1
Like Kyphon, she was also a deliverer of the River of the Underworld, with the mission of guiding souls to the Underworld.

Compared with the slacking Kyphon, Goorveig always actively completed the tasks assigned by Acheronte.

Backstory 2
·One day, she suddenly disappeared from the Underworld, and even her fellow deliverers were unaware of her whereabouts.

Someone claimed that Goorveig had been secretly practicing some strange summoning magic.

Living souls were reaped recently in Chilora.

Kyphon, one of her fellow deliverers, was ordered to investigate and found that the former companion Goorveig seemed to be related to this incident.

Backstory 3
Reappearing in front of her old friend, Goorveig seemed like a totally different girl, with a drastic change in personality.

She wore a crooked smile and licked her fingers. All the pains and evils seemed to be a source of joy for her at this moment.

Backstory 4
When she was a deliver, She didn’t get along with Kyphon because she was not satisfied with Kyphon’s slacking at work.

She had complained to the ruler of the Underworld Acheronte about it many times
but there was no reply.

Then she decided to solve this problem by herself by making a detection device that gave an alarm to wake up Kyphon once it detected Kyphon was sleeping by the River of the Underworld.

The two had a long-running feud with each other so upon hearing that the soul reaping incident in Chrono Tower might be related to Goorveig,
the slack Kyphon took the unusual step of volunteering to arrest Goorveig.

It’s more like revenge than being responsible.

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